My Word for 2017

Welcome back and happy new year, to all my friends and family.

 Can you believe the first week of January has already come and gone?!  As we wrap up the week, and being a Saturday none the less, I didn't want this week to pass me by without mentioning to you what my word for 2017 has come to be and the word that my goals are set on this year.

Like most of you, I like January for the reason that its a clean slate, an opportunity to start over.

I've been cleaning out not only the holiday decor but cleaning in general, re-organizing, and cleaning out old clothes, shoes, etc... basically not only prepping the house to feel fresh and so clean but getting it ready for upcoming projects, but also having an organized house helps prep my mind for what's to come.

I'm determined that with the little spare change we may have for projects this year, that we somehow make ish happen.  The hubs has even started buying himself tools to start doing some of those projects that he's able to do himself.  I'm proud of him and glad to see him motivated.  Hey maybe we'll even get some shiplap up in this place this year! #goals

I've had to learn a lot of patience in the last couple of years with our home and the projects we've had on hold.  Its been hard for me but I've been learning to manage and understand that it all just simply can't be done right away especially when everything requires so much time and money to do so.

Patience is not my forte people.  So even though its something I've focused on having for our home, I also need to make it my focus for our family.  In case you didn't already guess, patience is my word this year.  Its something I have to learn to be consistent with, in all aspects.

Funny story though, it was something that had already been on the back of my mind, was pointed out to me on the very last day of 2016 and therefore I knew it was time to start changing it.  Yes, it hurts to hear the truth sometimes, but I've learned that I'd rather hear honesty without the sugar coating.  I want it raw and upfront and that's okay.  I can take it.  I'm a smart girl and I've learned that being an adult is all about being able to be understanding and not get offended by every small thing that may not be or sound appealing to thee.  Is that when you know you've officially grown up? ha, I hope so... cause growing up sucks! I want to stop growing Lol 

Any thoughts?  What is your one word for the new year?

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