A Succulent Workshop & Blogger Meetup | Winter 2017

We couldn't have started off this month any better.

As we came into mid February right before Valentine's day, I was able to organize our 2nd meetup for Southern California based bloggers.  I was once again honored to have been in the company of such a great bunch of women!  We wanted to invite not only bloggers this time but all social media enthusiasts.

Everyone that attended was so open and so friendly, we couldn't have asked for a better turn out of this workshop mixed in with our meetup, a relaxed environment indeed. It took place at the loveliest of places, The Potting Shed by Carlisle which is located in the heart and soul of the city of Orange.

Every nook and cranny of this space is beyond dreamy, Jack and his staff literally treat you as if you're old friends, that's how welcoming they are and their store.

I didn't get a shot of their garden area but its beyond wonderful too and whenever I walk into The Potting Shed, I literally want to take it all home! Or pretend I am home!

Jack was such a great host that he even had one of his close friends in the neighborhood from Smoqued BBQ restaurant provide us with some of the best brisquet sliders and mac'n'cheese I have ever had!  
You better believe I'll be going back for more!

Not only is Jack's shop super addicting with all the wonderful things in it but he hosts all types of workshops and 101 classes with all his knowledge.

Oh and he knows how to throw a party, he was the perfect host!

He is very insightful and so patient when it comes to explaining to us the difference in succulents, their names and how to plant them.  No doubt, the rest of the girls and myself went home with so much information on how to care for succulents.

We all were able to pick 6-8 different succulents to place into our driftwood pieces.  We couldn't believe that, that many succulents fit into such a small piece of wood, but Jack proved us wrong.

I love that this group of ladies had no problem getting their hands dirty, it was like being in grade school all over again.

Although it may seem as though Perrier was a sponsor of our event they weren't but Nespresso was kind of enough to have lent us their Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker 
 for us to try out their super delicious coffee, the girls really enjoyed it.

Some of the beautiful mini succulents we all got to play with and take home with our driftwood pieces.

Below all the ladies in attendance and our finished driftwood succulent pieces! 

Amber from AmberHukariCreative.com was amazing for stopping by and letting us get to know her and creativity in marketing a little bit more.  She was also very insightful and with an open floor Q&A we all got to ask any and every question that we might have had for our blogs or social media platforms.

She will definitely be joining us again at a future Meetup so definitely follow us both on Instagram or Facebook for udpates on that. 

We had so much fun doing this workshop and getting to know a little bit more about each other and hoping that it encourages all these ladies including you to stop by The Potting Shed again and again and don't forget to sign up for one or two of Jack's workshops!

Before I leave you, below are the links and photos of the goodies our sponsors provided for our gift bags, not only did the girls get to take one bag of goodies home but two.  Jack was kind enough to ask some of his local (business) neighbors if they wanted to donate a few goods and they did.  Pretty sweet.

For our sponsor gift bags, Rustoleum was kind enough to let us in on one of their upcoming Spring colors, Pardon My French Nail Bar in the city of Tustin provided the girls with $5 gift cards and HelloYou Candles is a local small business based out of Rancho Santa Margarita that was cool enough to share with us their "Southern California" candle, which reminds me of the beach by the way!

I recommend that you all give them some love for being so supportive!

All the links to our sponsors are below.

Laurenly Boutique / Sweet Sensations by Judith / The Potting Shed / Mead's Green Door Cafe  / Smoqued BBQ

Nespresso / Rustoleum / Pardon My French Nail Bar / HelloYou Candles 

Thank you for stopping by and share any comments below and sign up via email for my latest blog post updates, including for future meetups!

I see many more ahead in the near future!

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