January | A Look Back

January was a good month.  

I have to say regardless of small mishaps, I love that sometimes the good stuff just outweighs the bad. We definitely made the best of what January had to offer.  And the all the rain we had here in Southern California was a blessing.  I'm looking forward to doing some outdoor pruning and gardening very soon.

We started our January a bit early with heading to Lowe's on new year's eve for some new bedroom doors.  The husband started by installing one on new year's day and then the rest the following weekend.  We took our time and its been taking me practically a month to fill in any nail holes from some of the new molding and not to mention finally got around to buying the paint I'll be using on the doors.  So yes, I have yet to paint them.  Thankfully they already came primed therefore they don't look too terrible but every time I think great I'll do it today, something comes up or I'm basically not up for it.  

So I'm determined to finishing them this week (crossing my fingers) I should have an almost practically finished mini hallway update for you guys very soon.

My son's room on the other hand is still somewhat of a disaster.  I have put together a lot of the wall items but we have decided to repaint his room and minimize his bed size from a full to a twin for more space.  So an update on that will have to wait just a bit longer.

My daughter and I though attended Gen Beauty LA again this month as creators, thanks to her status in the Beauty world of YouTube. I must admit though not as great as last years, it was still quite a treat to have been in the presence of so many talented influencer's that have so many fans and of course the Beauty brands never disappoint with all the goodies you get sent home with.

Other than some of the DIY paint projects I've had planned to share on the blog like this Antique High Chair  and a few others that I have yet to finish, I really didn't have much planned for this month besides actually physically planning our upcoming So Cal Blogger & Instagrammer Workshop Meetup for this February.

I'm really looking forward to meeting so many of you at our meetup.  Not only is it going to be an opportunity for many social media enthusiasts to come together and mingle but there's a fun workshop and a wonderful guest speaker joining us too!

If you haven't already singed up, this is the time, it'll be here in no time. Just click here to register.

Tell me, what are you looking forward to most in February?

{Country Market Bin from Painted Fox Home}

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