All The Sweetness | Her Eighteenth Birthday

Let me tell you, every year is celebrated with our kiddos.  Whatever they want to do if we can try to fit it into our schedules and if its affordable and doable then we'll do it.  

My daughter as she's gotten older, and as close as we are, we love to spend time together and make the best of times.  This year though relaxing incorporated with fun times was a must and wanted to make it this year's MUST have for her since she's always working on YouTube content and school, with rare time for relaxation and friends.  She wanted that the most.

We saved and made it a priority to visit the Spa (her first time) on her actual birthday, we spent the whole morning there.   Got our massages and we enjoyed all the spa amenities Burke Williams in Orange has to offer. That same evening all four of us went to a nice dinner along with her boyfriend and his parents. 

The birthday week just got started from there.  

Its usually not a full circle birthday without the company of family and singing that infamous 'happy birthday' song! So later that week we had family and friends over for a small birthday gather.

My daughter loves her family and loves it more when we're all gathered and help make every year so memorable for her, she too agrees how quickly time flies and cheriches these moments the most.  With that said, we enjoyed the company with some cake and all the goodies, which by the way were all choices of the birthday girl herself.

You guys know by now how much this mama likes to work a party on a budget.  Well this one wasn't anything short of that.  I love to scramble and find all the natural things around our home and garden that I can incorporate into entertaining and decor.  

As much as I wanted to go out and spend money on beautiful spring flowers and the works, truthfully I just didn't see what for if I had the perfect solution right in front of my house.  That's where these rosemary bunches come in.  They're freshly cut from our front yard, since we've had all the rain these passed few months, the herbs have had no problem blooming.  And so have the succulents.

Which I used to decorate and add whimsy to the cake.

I didn't make this cake its actually from Susie Cakes, which WE love!  Except they only made the naked cake and don't do the drip to the dripped naked version, which is fine, because I swore I could just do it myself.  Which I did as you can tell.  It was easy to make, the white chocolate ganache, but it was a little harder to apply so it didn't drip all the way down all around due to it getting hard very quickly.  But all in all it was a very delicious cake and with all the pretty surroundings.  I doubt anyone noticed, or did they?!

Along with cake you have to have other goodies too.  My daughter literally chose everything. I did not bake at all this time around, she wanted all the chocolate goodness store bought! And super budget friendly!

In my opinion you can't have enough cake stands.  My little collection over the years has paid off.

It wasn't all just sweets for dinner, we actually bbq'd some beef sliders and had some homemade mac'n'cheese, pasta salad, chips and drinks, including my daughter's favorite some organic Apple cider that kinda looks like champagne peaking out of the bucket, but I swear its just cider.

Simple black and white decor, easy peasy! I found black and white striped plates and black balloons in the clearance section at Target a while back and that's where the inspiration came from.  I had all the napkins, cups, and utensils already from previous party making. Yay for party planning hoarding!

We enjoy entertaining and entertaining in a minimalistic way without spending a fortune, yet fun, pretty, classy and sophistaced is always the way to go, in my opinion.

My nephew and daughter, actually share a birthday, March 21st

Are they not the cutest?!  Well I think they are!

But the celebration didn't end there, I'll be sharing a post on a mini getaway we took in honor of the birthday girl to San Diego.  

I'll be sharing details very soon so stay tuned.

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