Our Mini Office moved to the Living Room

An unusal update from my usual, but I've been in the mood to share more lately of the happenings around here.  With so many updates and changes and renovations going on in our home right now, I feel as though we're seeing small yet big progress.  With that said, this is one that has nothing to do with renovations except that I decided to move our mini office space from our master bedroom to our downstairs living room.

I felt a change was needed because I felt with the computer being too close to me, I was literally not getting the getaway feel in my bedroom that I desperately need on a daily.

To be honest, we hardly use this space anyway.  My daughter and I use it the most only when it comes to editing photos and is useful for when school projects and homework are in order otherwise it was basically hiding upstairs.

Although our master bedroom is spacious and can fit just about anything, I still don't like it to feel cramped or have too much of our day to day stuff in there, call it feng shui if you will, but that's just how my mind has always worked.

The space is still simple and I might be adding a couple of things, like a plant in the corner, the chair isn't staying either, plus I'm even thinking of making that wall behind the desk into a shiplap wall, because this year I have goals!

I'm still very much in awe over this vintage desk I found on Craigslist and made over with some Country Chic chalk paint and it has so much space in those drawers.

For the most part this corner is what it is right now.  It even almost adds a formal feel to the space as its progressing.

Unfortunately its been quite challenging to really make this space work when its such a narrow awkward space but getting it all figured out is what's also been interestingly fun.

Soon I'll be sharing a little big more of the living room space with you as well, which I'm really looking forward to.  So stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts!

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