San Diego Weekend Trip

Yes, please.

Although San Diego is not at all that far from home, just a couple of hours.  We needed and had anticipated this time away.  

Probably one of the few trips I have left with my daughter while she's still in her teens and begins to take her own trips solo, so I cherished every minute.

Her two best friends from childhood joined us.  She wanted this to be a girls weekend.  A time to relax, reconnect and simply explore a few local areas we hadn't been to yet.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn/Bayside, which is literally right off PCH near the Harbor.  It hasn't been there very long, so the hotel is still fairly new.  I scored a deal on our stay at of course, so this wasn't a complimentary stay, but it was a comfortable stay, their hotel and service is great. Plus its not crowded.

Considering its not a huge hotel and fairly quaint it still looked and felt like a grand hotel, due to their sleek modern style.  

We arrived Saturday afternoon, checked in.  We enjoyed the views and some of the hotels amenities later that evening we had reservations at Searsucker in Downtown for dinner.  

Beautiful place and highly recommended, I've never experienced friendly and great service like we did here and the food, my gosh, delish!

After dinner the girls wanted to enjoy more of the hotels' perks, we headed back and while they enjoyed the rooftop pool and spa, I stayed behind and enjoyed some quiet time in the room.  Personally I enjoy having time for myself when I can, and the hotel had a great selection of movies plus they have crystal clear TV's in their rooms with plush comfy beds, which you'll want to stay in for the remainder of the night!  

That's how this mama parties while out of town!

The next day we didn't have to check out until noon, so we enjoyed some coffee, the views and a slow mode kinda morning, until it was time to head out.

I wanted the girls and I to visit a place that we hadn't been to yet.  Since we were literally across from the island, we decided to head over to Coronado Beach for some lunch and some sightseeing.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend you eat at Clayton's Coffee shop, its a local spot that all the locals go to, the food and service was very welcoming.  They get busy so don't wait to be starving to show up because there is a bit of a wait.  Sunday's parking meters in the area don't apply, therefore parking is free so that was nice not having to worry about a timed parking meter.

Since we were in no rush to leave or move the car and everything is literally walking distance, after lunch/brunch we headed to Hotel Del Coronado.  We simply walked along the boardwalk there.  We were pretty stuffed already so we were basically walking off the calories we had just ate.

If you're ever in San Diego during the warm season and want to experience something different than Gaslamp Quarter in downtown, I suggest you come to the island and stay a while.  We'll definitely be coming back for another trip to Coronado Beach and hoping to visit the USS Midway museum in the harbor as well.  So much to do here in SD.

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If you're interested, my daughter created a vlog on her channel from our weekend trip, you can view it here.

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