How-To DIY Flower Arrangements & Tips To Help Them Last Longer

As some of you may have noticed, this Spring its all about those pretty flowers and displaying them all over your homes.

How you wish to display them, well there are many many ways, but I recently realized that for me the easiest way to display my flowers is in a mason jar because that's just what I have, simply because I've collected quite a few in the recent years.  Truthfully though flowers look pretty in any container whether its made of clear glass or not.

Nowadays you can use mason jars for just about anything whether its for beverages, storage, as a pen holder or display, they have many purposes.

I'm not one to buy flowers for myself to bring home.  But I might start, because this Spring I've learned to love them more so.

Earlier this season I took a flower arrangement class and it taught me a few things that I basically already knew but needed to be reminded of.

1. When cutting flowers to fit your container make sure to cut at an angle.

2. When placing your flowers in their water filled container make sure to clear any leaves that might be sitting to low and submerged in the water.  This will keep the water from getting green and slimy.

2. Flower's love fresh water, you want to make sure you change out the water every couple of days, depending on how it looks or fill it if needed, because flowers get thirsty especially during the warmer seasons.

They help make your home feel even more happy and warm.

And they really brighten up your mood.

Although these pretty wild things, were a mix of a Mother's day event I attended and from friends and relatives, they were nothing short of beautiful.

Every single flower shines with so much beauty and color.

I actually decided to play around with my flowers and mix them up from the different bunches I received.

I mixed them up according to color and flower types.  I also wanted my jars to be fuller but not unrealistically full, so I split them into a couple of different mason jars so I had some in my kitchen and living room.

I'll have to buy some for my bedroom too, I want pretty and happy in every room now!

How about you, do you buy yourself flowers?  Or are very much like me and only have them when gifted?

That's all about to change!

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