Upcycling A Rustic Wooden Box

Have you ever come across a pretty box that you know has a purpose to be re-purposed?  I usually do too, many many times.  Although sometimes I don't always know how to put it to new use.

In this case though the purpose of this box just sort of fell into my lap without me even having to try and figure it out.  

By now you all already know how much I love to shop at the Dollartree, its just as fun as shopping at an Antique shop, you just never know what you're going to find sometimes.  Honestly, finding the cutest things as of lately.  I don't like to buy things that I know will fall apart within minutes or days of use, so I take the time to look fairly carefully and they do tend to carry quite a few things worth investing in.

For instance, they've been carrying these faux succulents lately and I love that they don't look totally cheesy and almost something I'd find at Michael's or Joann's or even at the Target dollar spot.

I used some of these on my Dollar Store Terracotta Pot Wreath and they looked almost real.

I happened to buy some extra ones because I liked them so much and unsure of where or how I'd use them, seems as though they were meant to be for this project.

The box just so happened to be part of a Christmas gift a friend of mine gave me and had all kinds of hot chocolate goodies in it.  The funny thing is that this box wasn't even the main focus of the gift so it wasn't until I opened the whole package that then I realized this hidden gem was there, hiding, underneath it all.

To be honest, I don't even think she realized, and I have yet to show her what I made.

All I did was add some floral foam which you can find at the dollar store as well or craft store, and place it in the box just firmly enough and gluing them down is optional.  I didn't since I will probably eventually re-purpose this box again and again.

Stick the faux flowers in the foam and that's it.  Just like that you have a pretty box with pretty faux plants or flowers.

Whatever you choose to put in a box like this it will sure enough look beautiful in any space.  

Personally I love the stained wood grain peaking through and I didn't want to cover it up with paint, but who knows what the future holds for this pretty wooden box.

In the meantime I'll be sitting here, admiring it and those pretty faux dollar store succulents.

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