July 7, 2017

A Salvaged Picture Frame With Some Added Color

(Sponsored post; Country Chic Paint was provided to complete this project, but all opinions are my own.)

I'm back friends, with another painted gem!

I found this frame while out shopping for thrift-ed goods at my local thrift shop, the picture in this frame was what caught my attention, and then the $2 price definitely had me.  Knowing that it would be easy to paint the ugly frame that had all the good bones but not so good color.  It was pretty yellowish and old looking and not the vintage pretty kind either.  Basically nothing paint couldn't fix.

I love that Country Chic launches limited edition colors and Wanderness was one of them from last season I believe.  I buy from them pretty frequently and besides on our recent collaborations, I have been a fan of their paint for a few years now.  

I instantly fell in love with this color. You probably have figured out by now, how much I love whites, grays and the green blue hues.  These earthy and cool tone colors have literally always been a favorite of mine.  But those green blue hues get me every time.

I've been trying really hard to break out of my muted color shell, although those neutrals will always be my first loves!

Once I started painting this frame with the Wanderness, I had no doubt I had made the right choice.

Except I wanted to try that rustic layered look, not sure how it would turn out, I just went for it.

This process consisted of wiping the frame clean.

Spray painted it flat gold (Rust-Oleum) let it dry, painted the Simplicity over that, let it dry about an hour or two and thirdly painted it with CCP's Wanderness, as much coverage as desired.  

Once it all dried for about an hour, I then went back to scratch the surface with sand paper, feel free to use whatever kind of sand paper you have on hand should be sufficient.  The gold and Simplicity colors will show through after a few times of going over it with the sand paper.  Once you've reached the desired look you are happy with  you want to wipe it clean with a dry cloth, go back and go over with a natural or dark wax if you'd like, I used CCP's natural wax.

I'm finally bringing a little bit of color into our kitchen a little bit at a time.  I'm afraid of going full force so slowly is best for me, but the process of creating something as fun and simple as this with Country Chic's chalk paint, it's definitely easy and doable.

Tell me, are you a little afraid of playing with color too?

I'm happy  to have finally given it a try. 

For more on this project and many others created with Country Chic's chalk paint, visit

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