July 27, 2017

Adding Charm To A Small Backyard | Outdoor Space Part One

Its been a long journey, months in fact since we started this project or space and still not exactly perfect in fact a lot still needs to be done but I'm pretty happy with where we've left off for now and I simply couldn't wait to finally have a nice cozy outdoor area to just chill.

Living in a fixer upper and with only two years in and on a budget, it'll be quite a while before we are exactly where we want to be with our home, but progress is everything. 

At this time 3/4 of our back outdoor space (the other 1/4 is still in process) is looking a lot better than it used to when we first moved in.  

Personally I love quaint spaces, it's all about the potential that you see that space having and its gratifying to know and see so much improvement that we have been able to do ourselves, even if not perfect, its still the best that we can manage at this time and way more pleasing to the eye.

So while we may have bigger plans for back here in the long term, we definitely wanted to make use of the space to the best of our family's ability in the meantime.

Small scale furniture was key.  Here are a few pictures of what our space looks like now, I'll post at the end of the post some of the sources of the space items and in case you missed it, I posted a tutorial for our outdoor beverage-potting cart [here].

We kept the outdoor decor and container plantings simple. Having too many accents and different types of plants can make a small space feel disorganized. I selected a few different yet similar succulents and accessories and carry the theme from our front yard to the back. 

Lighting plays a major role in how a space feels, so incorporating both needed and ambient lighting to create the mood we wanted and to provide the amount of light we needed.  We also have cafe string lights hung up, which are not shown at this time, but I'll be doing an updated post as more outdoor updates occur so I'll have to picture them then.

When considering this space, I knew I wanted two different areas to it.  One, table and chairs for outdoor sit down meals and we even found a fun and easy table fire pit for whenever the kids feel like having and making s’more’s, it’s already been put to some good use, which I will show in a different post soon.  And second, an area to just sit down, relax and or socialize in comfort.

This little sit down area still has a few quirks I’d like to play with and a few things I’d like to add, like an outdoor rug for one, so when the budget allows that will be the case and I’ll keep you updated on those accents as we add them. 

The four-piece patio set is actually original World Market outdoor patio furniture. which is originally $199 but I was able to score it for twenty dollars on craigslist of course for all four pieces of furniture!  With that said, it was in some rough shape from being outdoors.  I gave it a good sanding and wanted to give it some color and by mixing an outdoor paint, this is the color I came up with which gives it almost that coastal vibe that we love.

The patio concrete is still in some rough shape out here, we've power washed it, but hints which is why I would love an outdoor rug and that's something that we will be replacing completely or staining in the future.

It may not seem like much of a space to a lot of you, but being that this space is small and working on it on a budget literally and still a work in progress, its still currently our happy place.  Simply to have a space to go out to in the mornings or evenings to sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea or wine!

As you can see we’re more than ready to continue enjoying the Summer out here and very much looking forward to many fall days and evenings out here as well.

What do you guys think?

I'll be posting part two of our outdoor space soon so stay tuned.

[Links to some of the outdoor decor used are linked below and similar Amazon affiliated links.  This is not a sponsored post but I do receive a small percentage if any linked items below are purchased.  Thank you for supporting my blog.]

  Copper Lantern / Aqua Outdoor Pillow /  Diamond Pattern Blanket / Outdoor Beverage Pitcher / 4-piece Furniture Set

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