Do It Yourself | New Coffee Bar Wood Sign

Good day friends, I'm always excited to share a new DIY with you.  
I am pretty excited about how it turned out and wanted to tell you just how easy it was to make.

Again, I can tell you that yes, this was in fact a Pinterest inspired do-it-yourself project, I loved the simplicity of this four letter word I had seen on someone else's bar area.  Especially since this coffee bar tends to be a little versatile and serves as a general indoor beverage serving bar most times.

I actually shared snippets of me working on it in my Insta stories a few weeks ago.  It literally took minutes, so let me tell you what you'll need and how I went about putting this together.

1. Letters of choice from local craft store I got mine from Michael's.  My letters were originally a kraft brown, I just gave them a nice coat of white flat spray paint.

2. Your choice of wood board from Home Depot.  I can't tell you the exact type or size of mine because I bought it so long ago, but I took my letters with me to make sure they were the perfect fit before buying the wood.

3.  Stain your wood with your choice of stain, I used an antique wax I've had around for a while now, got it to just the right color.

4.  Glue your letters down, I placed mine down to make sure I knew exactly where I wanted them.  I then used E6000 glue that I love to have around for just about anything that needs to be permanently fixed or glued down.  This glue works wonders.

I did not add any hooks to hang since I'm only leaning it against the wall for now on the shelfie, but you can if you'd like to for a heavy board like this definitely pick sturdy hanging hardware.

I love that it adds a new look to this coffee bar area and plan to keep it there for a while.  Even the cow looks happy about it!

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