Stay Cool for the Summer | National Ice Cream Month

(Sponsored post by I Love Ice Cream Cakes, all opinions and sweet confessions are my very own)

For some it may already be a month into Summer break but for us and others in Southern California its practically just starting.

Like coffee and chocolate, ice cream solves everything right?!

Okay so it might just be my wishful thinking or simply my excuse every time I want to indulge on some cold yummy ice cream, but thank goodness National Ice Cream Month falls this month of July.  Its the perfect weather to enjoy it that much more. 

Although I must confess our family enjoys ice cream all year long and does solve just about any worries or help us forget about those to-do's while we're enjoying all its sweetness!

We decided to have a little 'Cheers to Summer' intimate soiree for ourselves as a family.  My kids are appreciating all the National day and monthly celebrations these days and they were pretty excited that this whole month was dedicated to ice cream but in case you don't want to tell your littles about it being a whole months worth, there's also National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday of the month of July.  This year it falls on July 16th.  Here's a little history for you in fact, did you know that In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month and established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in the month of July.

Which brings me to this Oreo Ice Cream Cake that you can find by walking into your local grocery store and it is the perfect size for any birthday parties, family celebrations, cookouts or even the perfect after dinner dessert on a warm Summer day.  Then again, do you really need an excuse for dessert, I certainly don't and the convenience of being able to buy any Carvel®, Jon Donaire® or OREO® ice cream cake as I shop for groceries is perfect if you're a one stop shop kind of gal, like me.

What better way to experience the fun of summer than by treating yourself with something cold and sweet - and adding your own creative touch?  You can customize your cake with your own special details.

I wanted to add some fun to our cake, so I found in my craft/party stash some colorful shredded confetti and some cutlery and plates to match and brighten the occasion.  

Quick tip; keep these things on hand for last minute fun times like these for your sanity of not having to do any dishes on a week night or if having friends over, its quick and easy to put together a fun set up like this if you have paper plates, disposable utensils, napkins and cute straws for drinks.  I love to buy these things whenever I see them on sale or clearance and keep them stashed until I need them and put them to good use.

These delicious I Love Ice Cream Cakes are easily found in your grocery stores freezer section or bakery.  Its an easy way to bring the party to a family gathering or dinner if you're in charge of dessert.  They come in different flavors and sizes which makes them perfect for anyone's taste or preference.

We hadn't ever had one of these Oreo ice cream cakes and let me tell you, now that WE know how yummy and delicious they are, let's just say we'll be coming up with more excuses to keep buying them and I'll definitely want to try some of the others too.

The whole family loved it and appreciated the idea of having a Welcome Summer sweet treat!

We have lots of ways to keep celebrating this Summer, but one way for sure is by eating all the ice cream cake we can eat!  This is now officially a favorite of ours.

So yeah, National Ice Cream Day is this weekend, how will you be celebrating it?

If you happen to celebrate this weekend or this month and celebrate with one of these I Love Ice Cream Cakes, join the fun and use this hashtag #SummerCakeBreak!

Happy National Ice Cream Month and stay cool this Summer!

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