The 'Happy Hour' Beverage Cart

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Who'd have thought that a color could be so motivating and fun! 

The funny thing is that this perfect pair of paint and piece of furniture came together unexpectedly and yet coincidentally went together perfectly! hahaha, if that makes any sense to you guys? the fact that it does to me wellll it just does and you'll see why! 

To be honest what pushed me to combine this piece with this perfect mint green color even more so was the inspiration that came from {here}, I've been obsessed with Christy's beverage station for like ever!

And when I saw this pretty color from Country Chic Paint, I couldn't pass it up.

We've been working on creating a sort of sanctuary for our outdoor patio, we love spending time outdoors.  We're only scratching the surface by making cosmetic upgrades as much as I'd like to tear it all up and start over, that's just not in the budget, but much more on that very soon.

For now though, I have to tell you, finding good bone furniture pieces is my favorite.

Since the beginning of Spring I had been searching Craigslist for a piece that would serve as an beverage station/potting table for our outdoor space.  I found throughout the web that quite a few changing tables have been turned beverage stations or bar carts if you will and it inspired me to look further than the norm.

Here is a pic of what it looked like before, I meant to take a photo of it myself, but I didn't so I here's one I managed to track down from Pottery Barn.


I knew it was a bit far fetched but I kept searching, and finally, not only was this piece good bones, sturdy and a steal but because $20 and it's an old Pottery Barn changing table, which they no longer carry. hello, steal right?  It was in a whole lot more rough shape than that photo though, I have to say.

This season's Country Chic Paint 2017 Spring/Summer limited edition colors are to die for and their color Happy Hour couldn't have been more suitable for this piece!  I encourage you to buy this color before its gone.  I did not sand this piece at all, just cleaned it, painted it with CCP's Happy Hour and sealed it with tough coat because it's going to be put through some good use and although it will be protected from brutal weather, which we hardly get, I must say I won't mind the weathering look of it as it ages.

Tell me is it not the best combination of color and furniture piece?

We did drive 20 something minutes to pick this baby diaper changer up, but oh sooooo worth it!!!  I see us using this piece for many outdoor bbq's and dinners out here and gatherings in the future and even for some potting of my favorite plants for the season.

One specifically we will have to have to celebrate the changes in this space! Any reason for Summer food and drinks!

Cheers to new pieces and color combos like this one and hope you too will enjoy "happy hour" this Summer!

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