Neutral Art With Old Book Pages

This Summer I kept our home decor pretty simple and clean.  I wanted to focus on other projects and not fuss with the subject of keeping up with the styling of the in season decor.

I kept it neutral and white.

I spent literally nothing on this project I'm about to share with you and it's hardly a new method to re-purpose old books or their pages, but I wanted to share this do-it-yourself project with you anyway.

Sometimes I literally have no clue what to put on my walls.  I know that I don't like to have bare walls but its really hard for me to fill them sometimes.  I contemplate a lot on what I want in certain spaces and if I'm even going to love it that much.  I finally decided that thinking about it too much only makes me even more frustrated so filling with something I love right now and have access to right now, will have to do until I decide to replace it if that.

I love so many of the art pieces that I see in a lot of your homes and even some of the new wooden lettered art pieces are hard to resist and I want to buy them all, but the truth is they're all so expensive and I know hard work and quality costs money but truth is I can't afford it all and making one myself, well I'm no artist so I figured for now this was an easy fix.  Especially since I had all the materials sitting in my garage.

These huge frames I've been hauling around with me for a while now, I want to say about nine years to be exact.  My younger sister used to work at a retail store and they had thrown out a lot of their store frames and she grabbed these for me.  I used them in my kids rooms when they were younger for a little while for their posters but then they grew up and these just sat.

The outter frame is wooden and they were white but they were scratched and dirty so I gave them a good cleaning and a threw on some chalk paint, added the old book pages from a vintage book bought at a thrift shop and voila!

Mind you the lighting in our living area is really sparse therefore capturing and photographing these was going to be difficult, but thanks to flash, I did take a few pics of them without and with some flash to give you a better view.

here are the without flash....

here are some with the flash....

I'm inspired every day to try something new but its not every day that I get to actually work on it and get it done.  This solution for this wall space seemed like the next best thing.  Not only did this DIY cost me zero dollars (as every diy should be right?) but already having had these large frames sitting in my garage, they  definitely saved a dead wall space for now and became pretty yet vintage looking art.

Okay so it might not look expensive but I find it interesting, don't you?  be honest.  I can take it.

Hopefully you like it too and it inspires your next diy or helps fill an empty wall space.

See you back here soon, more projects are underway!

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