Weekend Vibes | Summer 2017 Playlist

Okay, so I know I'm not cool mom or anything believe me but I love music as a human being and I love all genres of it.  You will find me listening to just about anything except hard core rap, not my jingle but I can definitely appreciate some of it.

This is sorta in celebration of this month's August birthdays this particular weekend being my mom's birthday and my husband's we hope to be celebrating by dancing to some tunes, but if not we will just hang with good food, good company while we listen and jam all in the same. So happy birthday to all you August babies!

Makes me pretty happy that my kids have grown up to appreciate some good qualities about their mama and so their taste in music varies too, which I love, they're very open minded.

For me, when I listen it really does depend on the mood I'm in that particular day or week and it just comes in waves and differs from day to day.

This Summer though music on the radio I noticed wasn't at it's best but I love that Spotify (which by the way is not sponsored in any way, just a fan #shoutout to them) offers unheard and unique tunes that you definitely won't hear very often on the radio.

Even so I love to stream for the purpose of keeping me focused while working on projects, or blogging or pumped up for my new weekly workouts.

With that said, I'm excited to share my Summer tunes playlist with you and hope that you can appreciate the fun, playful, makes you wanna dance slash workout music I've incorporated.  

It's a mix of upbeat yet not too crazy, just enough to keep you awake and dancing in your seat if you're not standing!  Though some may be new, some will be very familiar as well.  Just a little bit of alternative, new latin spice, dance pop and hip hop, which I think you can appreciate, you'll see.

This is just a taste of what I've been listening to lately, keep in mind I normally listen to my tunes while at work, at the office or in my garage working on painting projects, or at the gym with buds on. So please be warned mamas there are some mild explicit songs just in case you want to avoid listening with the younger babes around. 

You can play these tunes by listening from the Spotify playlist above or directly on Spotify.  I'll keep adding to this playlist until end of Summer.

Feel free to follow me on Spotify for the other playlists I listen to as well.

Let me know what you guys think and if you like what you hear!

See you back here soon and have a great weekend!!

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