A 'Back To School' Routine For Teens

Happy back to school season.  

It's only the first week of back to school for my son, I know some of you are already two weeks in or more and some of us (me included) are still adjusting to the routines all over again and the extra curricular activities that our kids will be involved in.  Except there's always more to prep for than just the daily routines. 

I gotta say I'm no expert.  I'm simply an experienced mom of two teenagers.

With one fresh out of high school and the other one going in.  My daughter was and has been pretty easy overall but my son up until now the only thing really challenging is getting him to actually start on his chores and finish them in a timely manner without the sour attitude.  Other than that I'm a pretty lucky mom, they're pretty easy going but none the less there are still lots of talks that we have as a family and one on one with both of them.  Open communication like in a relationship, its just as important to have that with your kiddos.

At the beginning of each school year they get the one on one talk and family talk.  We explain what they should expect and what we expect from them.  Overall being kind to others always and having fun is key.  But there's always other important aspects to help our children succeed in school and life in general.

I think we're all well aware that there comes a time when you need to give your older children more responsibility as they have more freedom and allow them to establish their own routines.  It's necessary to start with the simplest steps and slowly move up the ladder.

Their daily and weekly routines should include making their own lunches, setting their own homework time, washing their own clothes and so on.  My son does all that and more. As a parent my husband and I are still there as a guide who will no doubt ensure that these tasks get done.
Their Homework
We still have a part to play in homework with teens just because they're older doesn't mean they no longer need our assistance. Our role will become more of a guide and ‘motivational speaker’ than a ‘sit-alongside-er’.
Their Social Life
The most important aspect of being a teenager, in most of their eyes, is their social life.  So important as a parent to establish some guidelines you feel are reasonable with teens these days.  
How much time will be spent on the phone, on the Internet, visiting friends, going to movies and other functions.  The best time to do this is at the beginning of the new school year. There needs to be a balance between, home, school and social lives. 
Discussing this calmly and quietly with your teenager to come to some agreement that suits you all in the best way to tackle the topic. From here you’ll be able to establish some routines for back to school collaboratively. 
Good luck for a calm and smooth-running household this year!

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