Chalk Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins

Last year I painted a few pumpkins in white spray paint and though I liked them at the time, they were still kinda blah. This year I decided to try it again but with a little added character and with none other than chalk paint.

I have to say although the real mini white pumpkins at the grocery store cost just the same only $1, I was still wanting to create a few of my own with the faux ones from the dollar store again.  The ones I already had from last year and some new ones I grabbed this year as well.

I love the look of chalk paint, you probably already know that by now.  I decided to not only use Country Chic Paint Vanilla Frosting as the base color, but also a little bit of Country Chic Paint antiquing wax to add character for that rustic chic look.

Supplies needed ....

Vanilla Frosting Country Chic paint
Country Chic Paint's Antiquing Wax
Country Chic Paint's Paint brush
Country Chic Paint's Wax brush
Lint free towel (to remove excess wax)
Dollar store faux pumpkins (or any you already have)

I personally didn't mind painting the stem of the pumpkins either because I wanted them to all have a whimsical look and originality which is of course a personal choice.  Some of my stems were gold and I did not want them to stay that way.  

I added the antiquing wax along the stem as well.  You can simply apply the wax however you wish for your pumpkins to look.  I kinda just played around with them.

So what do you guys think of the final look? 

I love how they turned out and this time I don't think I'll be changing them again unless I paint them a different chalk paint color.  I love the matte look that the chalk paint gives them.

Have you tried any of Country Chic Paint's yet?

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