Neutral Hints Of Fall | Fireplace Mantle

I love Fall and all its warm oranges, reds and browns but this year I wanted neutral and subtle.  Almost like I kept our Summer decor just as simple.  Winter decor might be headed in that direction too!

Not a lot of fuss but yet cozy.

I always point out that though our home is a two story condo it is not super spacious so making it feel cozy and roomy all at the same time is quite the challenge at least for me.  Maybe I need to bring in the experts or take an interior design class.  Though I love to keep things minimal and live like a minimalist its not so easy when you love home decor, you want it all and want to display it all.  But I'm learning to love the less is more factor.  Clutter is also not my forte.

Our living space is probably my favorite space in the house besides my kitchen.  And though our mantle is limited in space its one place in our living room area that I love to add holiday touches to.

Take a look and any similar item recommendations will be linked below.

Don't mind the big black box and cords. 

The mini creamy white pumpkins were my favorite thing to display this Fall with all the whites in our home, they fit in quite nicely, don't you think?

Hiding cords has been quite the challenge, but I hope to find a solution soon enough.  

Hope you enjoyed our mini Fall mantle tour, I'll be sharing our entry way soon enough, come back soon!

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