Our Entryway | Fall Tour

Okay, I'm gonna be honest, this little space of ours called the 'entryway' is far from perfect and far from where I personally want it to be in style function.  I have plans for this space but time and money people, time and money.  And because it'll be a while before it finally gets to where I want it to be, in the new year, I foresee a lot of my up-cycled craigslist pieces making their way onto a consignment shop here on my blog, yup, I might open a shop here in this little world of Charmed Crown Blog with found and up-cycled goodies to help with more of the renovations we need around here.  But more on that later.

Now let's talk about our current situation.

This year, I wasn't all about the orange hues in our home, I wanted subtle with natural hues such as woods, whites, creams and greens.  I think though I kept it pretty simple the feeling of Fall managed to come through and our entry way feels cozy, yet again.

Those lanterns hanging on the ladder are actually bird feeders found at the .99 cent store, originally inspired by a fellow Instagram friend. I simply sprayed them a flat black spray paint I already had and added a dollar store tall glass candle votive.

In the spirit of all things home decor, I can't say that I change this space all that often except adding a thing or two here or there.  This is our busy landing spot therefore less is more as I always say.  

Although like I mentioned before, changes are coming to this space, when is to be determined, but I am considering painting the wood floor and giving the walls a spruced up white paint over other than that maybe even a shiplap wall, yes, you heard right and I cannot wait.

Hope you all find yourselves enjoying the season as much as we are and keeping things simple.

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  1. This looks great! I need a piece of furniture like that with the hooks so the kids could hang their backpacks, rather than just put them on the floor.