Console Coffee Table Makeover

I've been wanting to give this table a makeover for a while now and I knew I wanted this to be a light pretty color to place in my room, because you see, my room is getting a lighter color boost.

This table has been with me for ten plus years.  I love the look of it and reminds me of my first place that I moved into on my own, which is why its been hard to part from it.

Regardless of my attachment to it, its a hearty table from Pier 1 Imports, where I pretty much got all my first place's furniture from.  I had given this table a previous makeover that I was not very happy with back in my rookie days and when chalk paint was not yet an option.  I'm pretty happy with this second makeover and its definitely the final one.

Of course I used my all time favorite Country Chic Paint to give this table a good sprucing up.  I actually used another one of Country Chic Paint's colors from last year's Fall 2016 Limited Edition paints, Luna.

Its actually very similar to their current color Happy Hour.  But slightly lighter.  I hope that they eventually bring back Luna, because its a favorite of mine.  But I love Happy Hour too you can see how I used that color over in this post.

After giving this lovely table a couple of Luna coats, I let it dry for a good twenty four hours and then sealed it with Country Chic paint Natural wax.

I'm pretty much in love with this table and how I'm going to be using it in my bedroom as my bedside table.  Its rustic charm is just perfection. 

Don't forget to stop by and check out all of the Country Chic Paint's products here but also their Fall 2017 limited edition colors, here.

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