For The Foodie In Your Life | Gift Guide

I know I've already given you a Farmhouse Kitchen Gift Guide but we can't forget about the foodie / cook / coffee drinker in your life.

Either way, there's something here for all of the above.  You don't have to be a pro or chef or even a barista to own some of the coolest kitchen toys and necessities.

I for one am hoping to receive a Brass Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand With Wood Base myself, so you bet I'll make sure my husband reads this post for his sake ha ha ha ....

I love that a foodie and coffee drinker are so easy to please, I know this you see, because I am both.

How fun would it be to give or receive one of these special gifts.

I didn't think I would love creating Gift Guides this holiday season but I realized that these guides are not just for you guys, but for me too.  They've helped me narrow it down when it comes to picking and choosing the perfect gift for friends and family.

1. Cheese Knives And Cutting Board 4 Piece Set / 2. Brew Better Coffee At Home Coffee Table Book / 3. Brass Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand With Wood Base / 4. Salts of the World Test Tube Set / 5. Foodie Dice / 6. W&P Stirred Cocktail Set / 7. Round Olivewood Spoon / 8. Pomegranate Cherry Green Tea / 9. Himalayan Salt Plank Scrubber Brush

Not to mention, a great gift idea for a White Elephant party or your Secret Santa!

Hope these holiday gift guides have been as much help to you as they've been to me, because I'm not done yet.  

Oh, yes, there's more.  So stay tuned.