13 Christmas Gifts $25 & Under For Anyone On Your List!

With only 13 days left before Christmas, this might be the last of my holiday gift guides, hope you've enjoyed the few I threw out there for ya this year.  I might find more deals and share them with you on my Insta stories, so follow if you'd like to be in the loop, but its time for this mama to focus finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping, wrap presents and be in the present with my little family.

We're certainly going to make the best of December as we always do.

First things first thought, I'm not leaving you without another shopping guide for just about everyone that's hard to shop for on your list, a variety of gifts that can get those holiday ideas going and finish crossing off the last of the last and won't break the bank.

Personally I think all of these gifts are on my secret wishlist, even my husband or kiddos would love these too, I know it.  The Lego Santa, is definitely a fun one, I'm still a kid at heart and we all love Legos, so yeah I just might have to get it, ha ha ha.

These are all must haves, super affordable and easy to gift.  Let's get started.

A fun option for the child with all the legos and if you have no clue which one to get them, this one is one they'll look forward to playing and putting together every Christmas.

This copper painless women's hair remover is camouflaged to the eye and a great gift for the discreet lady.

The manly man soap already in the perfect tin to wrap is great for the man that loves to use only bars of soap and the best part that all the ingredients are in our language.  No mysterious ingredients.

I wish my husband had a mustache or beard just so I could gift him this cool looking beard and mustache comb.

Ladies, my daughter has introduced me to these gold eye masks and a must have any day of the year!  Say bye bye to puffy eyes!

I've dived into the oil trend and I need one of these in my life as well as you all do, especially if you want to tame all the sickies in the house.  This is on trend simply because it purifies your home.

Personally I love Burt's Bees and you can't go wrong giving this gift to a new mama to be or a mama bear period, we all need a cute gift like this in our lives.

Oh and chocolate, you can't go wrong with hot chocolate during the holidays, like ever.  Personally I love receiving hot chocolate gifts, just gives me an excuse to cuddle up with a warm mug, blanket and a holiday movie any night of the week.

For all you wine loving peeps, me included, a gift we can all appreciate, am I right??

Not to mention the gift that just keeps on giving and best of all you get to pick your gift from one of my favorite places to shop.

Of course while we wrap and shop our hands can become a bit uncared for ladies, mmhmmm and the men's too.  I love to carry hand lotion in my bag, my car, next to the kitchen sink, etc.  Our hands need love period.

My son loves to listen to music, 24/7, nope, not kidding.  Therefore this is perfect for that teenage music lover!

Oh ladies but let's not forget about our grandma's, mama's or sisters and sister's in law, we could all use a new and pretty handbag! Though not originally the one I had found but this one is just as cute and perfect, still at a great price.

These gifts are beautiful, affordable and pleasing for anyone on your list that you have yet to shop for.

Hope this little guide helped you out a bit or a lot.  Remember only 13 days left, no time to waste.

Just click on any of the images above and get shopping.

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