A Naturesque Christmas Living Room

Christmas keeps changing around here and I'm not mad about it. 

I love a traditional Christmas and I love our traditions.  Except change is good too and with our kids growing and more independent, things are changing constantly.

Each year since we moved into our home we seem to fill it with more and more love, memories and the things we love.  We still have our own simple and quaint traditions in and outside our home that make the holidays special for us, but when it comes to Christmas decor we like to change things up a bit every year and this year we went a bit neutral and a bit untraditional.

I usually go with what we already have and what we can tweak or add that won't break the bank.

This year my daughter and I agreed that neutrals and greens was the way to go with some of our decor downstairs, especially when we came across some of Target Dollar spots goodies, like the house stocking holders and bottle brush trees.

The mantle doesn't have a lot of room to play with so keeping things simple is important so it doesn't feel cluttered.

I decided that in order to match our neutral theme we needed some white cozy knitted stockings to go with it all, so I purchased these 4 knitted stockings from Amazon for a really fair price.  I'll link these or similar ones at the end of the post.

I was hoping to have changed a few things in this area by now but the holidays snuck up on me and therefore I had to work with it and around it with some natural decor.

Adding the greenery which is a 15 foot garland I bought at Home Depot for $20 is one investment I like to make towards adding natural elements into our home for the holidays.

Including cinnamon scented pine cones.

And I like to use extra pieces of the pine garland all over the house.

The cozy knitted garland (which I bought two of) was a Crate & Barrel purchase that I bought for $5.60 each on Black Friday, I originally could have bought more to place around our tree, but that wasn't in the budget, so I compromised and still wanted to display them to create a cozy and neutral feel.

Maybe I'll find them on sale after Christmas and use them on the tree next year.

We have yet to hang this octagon mirror (below) and I might replace it all together, not so fond of the shape of it anymore but I love the antique dresser and that I was able to display on it this year and the character it gives this space.

The wooden tree was a TJMaxx/Homegoods find for $6.99, again, not at all a splurge, I like finding the most unique items at a bargain price, just like I would at a thrift store.

I am usually just very happy and satisfied when there are greens in a room.  Feels effortlessly put together.

I have yet to finish our Christmas tree, my days and time is so limited throughout the weekdays now that I only really have the weekends to work on things but I'll have to feature the tree along with a few snippets of our entry way.

So stay tuned.

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  1. I love the neutral Christmas decor! I have a neutral Christmas tree, and love it so much!