January 15, 2018

I Heart Home | February Home Decor

This post contains affiliate links to products I personally have purchased and highly recommend.

Believe it or not, January will soon be over and most of us start thinking about what to get our Valentine, probably about now.  

Except some of us, like me, start thinking of how to add touches of love to our homes, whether its in the kitchen, bath or all throughout.

Well today I'm here to share some inspiration and a few items I too fell in love with.  Though I'm not big on too much, I love having subtle touches of this special day to remind me how meaningful this day is to me and my family.

First, one that I just had to have and couldn't pass up was this doormat from Target, which I also listed below in case you want to get this cute mat for a great price!

if you're looking to warm up your space with some February home decor, you don't want to miss out on some of these deals.

Warms up your front porch instantly, probably one to keep around all throughout Spring too.

So if you're looking to warm up your space with some February home decor, you don't want to miss out on some of these deals.  

I tried to find the perfect 'not so overwhelming' accents that you can easily add to each room.  Its always fun looking for these deals because you can easily get inspired and want it all too.

Quick note; ALL of the items listed above DO come in a pink, blush or red even if  not shown in that color.

I'm not normally a huge fan of the color red, but Valentine's day holiday is the exception for me as long as its not too much.  I always lean towards the more neutral colors as you know, and blush pinks are my favorites, though its not a color I'd choose to have in my home all year round, its one I can definitely do for this particular month.

Hope you find some inspiration from these choices and that you find at least 1 or 2 things or more that you too can add to your lovely homes!


  1. I love love love home decor - and so that means, I love your blog! I also love blush pinks, and though you said you don't have them in your home year-round, they're what my life is made up of. I'm fanatical over rose gold at the moment - even my hair is rosegold! :D Thanks for the georgous and lush home decor, I feel my wallet crying! ha!
    Thanks x

    1. I don't know why this has come up as unknown - I'm logged into blogger, whatever; this is Lexy lol! <3

    2. Hi Lexy, Lol I totally feel ya when it comes to wanting it all and purchasing, but picking a favorite helps and I try to find the most affordable if possible, thanks for visiting the blog!

  2. Aw, these all are so cute! I actually first have to remove the Christmas decoration! I can't believe February is almost here! I loved all of your suggestions, especially the cushions with cute texts! I also have to buy cute candles! Thank you for sharing and giving so much inspiration!

    1. Thanks Monica, the pillows are what I'm most drawn to also, just an easy accessory to change any room with :)

  3. I love decorating for Valentines Day! What a fun holiday :) I love the fur heart pillow you showed!

    1. Thanks Susannah, the heart pillow is a cute one!

  4. That doormat is so cute that I'd gladly use it year-round!

    Sarah |


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