Valentine's Day Wear For Her | Velvety, Silky, Soft & Cozy

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In passed times, when I've thought of going out on Valentine's Day, the thought of getting dressed up is hmmmm okay, I guess. I've always been a nontraditional person when it comes to fashion.  I love dressing up but in many different ways especially if it means bending the rules a little and is still pretty but comfortable too. 

You don't have to always go with the expected and wearing the unexpected is sometimes best, and as long as you feel good in it is what matters.  Nowadays, dressing up can mean, dressing down and being comfy, and still be looking pretty stylish.  Take it from someone who used to be a fashionista.  Nowadays I might choose dressers over dresses, but I still love trendy clothing, I'm still very girly believe me, but in a more mom wear kinda way and its very spread out nowadays too.  Its very occasional and I'll dress up in a way that still says dressy without all the fuss.

As of lately all the velvets and silks have caught my attention because you can dress them up or down, and they are so pretty and playful.  

The options I chose (shown below) give me a bit of a jolt to want to have a good reason to wear them all out on Valentine's Day or any day this Spring.  Wide legged pants are all the talk this Spring, thanks to my daughter I still get some insider tips on what's going to be trending the upcoming season, but I love when fashion goes around and makes its way back somehow.

Aren't the velvet's just so lush and that silk skirt, top and flats just so adorable.  Since I can't buy it all, why don't you guys do me a favor and spread the love and tell or show me which are your favorites are out of the bunch.

Hope these give you mama's some cute yet comfy options for your 'sweetheart' day date!

Till next time!

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