A Humble Abode In The Dessert

Like always, I'm pretty excited to share with you all today and I'm always so happy when you visit me here!

Normally I'm not one to talk about random homes or random places, but I should start and why not start today.  In fact anytime I get inspired, I look forward to sharing it with you guys too, just like anything else.  That is what this space is all about.

This sweet humble abode I'm sharing with you today that was literally in the middle of the dessert.  When in fact we literally had to turn off the main road into a dirt road just to get there.  I knew it wouldn't be anything short of spectacular and interesting enough that I wasn't really sure what to expect but let me tell ya, I do believe now that the most interesting places are always a lost gem just waiting to be found.

This was a one-day turnaround trip to Yucca Valley that my daughter and I had to take and thankfully the weather was beautiful, so off we went!  As most of you already know, as a beauty and fashion YouTuber/Influencer herself, she gets hired by brands a lot.  Then again, she's been doing this a lot longer than I've been blogging.  So this is currently her dream job.  Living through my daughter is an understatement.  And to see her do what she loves and watching her work so hard to get there is beyond astonishing.

She in fact had a photo shoot that day.  iPsy (a beauty rep brand that tends to collaborate with my daughter quite a bit, if you've been following for a while, then you know) was shooting there all day with her and a few other girls.  Though my daughter has been doing this for quite some time, whenever its a far and new location, I like to be around to oversee and help with anything she may need.  

iPsy leased the house and location for the day.  Apparently the owner of this house and property usually leases it for events and photo shoots and you'll see why.

As soon as we arrived we were in awe of the surroundings.  Right away we noticed the small house and all the vans and cars outside.  Luckily we arrived about 20 minutes early from her call time and didn't catch any traffic considering it was over 2 hours away.

In case you're wondering where this location is exactly by the way, you can find it here.  I'm sure if you're ever in the area of Yucca Valley which is literally next and very near Joshua Tree, its definitely one of those places worth exploring or possibly looking into staying there yourselves for a night or weekend.  Its quite the place especially if you're a dessert lover!

This is a view into the back of the property from where we parked in front of the house.  You can see why they picked the location.

First thing you come to is the screened off porch as you walk toward the front entrance.  Below is what the inside of the screened porch looks like.  Are all you feeling the vibe of this place now?  So inviting, right?

I'm a Californian born and raised and I can appreciate dessert life.  My parents, aunts and uncles were wanderers, still are.  As we got older, we started to realize that our parents took us everywhere they went.  Whether it was to the river, camping, the lake, mountains, dessert, Baja, Vegas...  you name it.... and so the wanderlust in me lives on and I can appreciate any type of beautiful and unique environment especially when it is loved and appreciated.

To the right of the screen porch were some beautiful handmade macrame wall hangings and a basket that had a few fun outdoor items such as a Frisbee and other things that I just can't remember now.

As we walked into the living area of the home it was small, so there was another cozy sitting area to the left and the kitchen was to the right.  In the middle of the room was a cast iron wood burning cone fireplace.  

To be honest I wish I could have taken pictures of the whole place but as we walked in there was not only a lot of people, photographers, stylist, makeup artists, and not to mention props, shoes, food, laptops, the works.... therefore it wouldn't have been to pretty to capture it all in that scenario.

The snippets that I did capture, I was lucky to have taken them without anyone walking by as I shot a few pictures.  Luckily I did bring my camera because I actually did expect the weather to be beautiful and wanted my daughter to capture a few headshots of myself at the end of it all.  I'm overdue for new ones.

All the pretty details that the owners added to this little abode were my favorite.  There was even some burnt sage on the fireplace and crystal stones.  Which I'll have to share with you guys the ones that I keep at my home that I've collected through the years and how I occasionally burn sage too.  More on that soon. 

Below is a picture of the ceiling beams and I instantly fell in love with the green vintage metal lights.  I wish I had sources for you guys, shoot I wish I had sources for myself, but I had to at least get a pic.

Again I wish I could have or would have photographed the fireplace but I caught a glimpse of it in the photos below.  I loved that these macrame plant hangers were pretty much throughout the small house and the colored triangle piece that hung over the window was another favorite of course.

The kitchen wasn't too big and nothing special in my opinion.  It could have been better considering how beautiful and detailed a lot of the other rooms were but that's also where the stylists and makeup artists had set up their station.  Therefore I only captured a small portion of it, which was my actually the most interesting part of it anyway.

The small home only had one bedroom and one bath.  The room was pretty big, it could have fit a sofa bed in there if they chose to add it or additional bunk beds.  But they kept it pretty traditional with the one bed, extra seating, dresser and decor.

Again, I shot these as someone was using the room as well, so I only captured a couple of shots of this space.

Relaxing, subtle and very eclectic just like the rest of the house.

There was so much going on out back.  But in a nutshell you guys there was two vintage trailers, a large unique bell tent (like the one in Amanda & Jack Go Glamping, have you seen it?) sat in the middle of it as well as smaller canvas hippie tents, a jacuzzi, as you see below, and other small pretty photo prop areas.

I'm sure if you click on the property information link that I provided in the beginning of the post, you'll probably see more images of this property and hopefully any questions you may have.  Unfortunately I don't have the information of how to go about leasing or renting this property for staying there.

Overall it was a nice change of scenery for us and such a beautiful day to have spent there while watching these creatives get to work.

Even though we were surrounded by cactus and dessert, it was still very beautiful in its own natural habitat.

Especially watching my daughter work and live her dream is always such a fun experience.

I hope you all enjoyed this little sneak peak of our day spent in the dessert and this beautiful humble abode that was beyond pleasing to the eye with all that it has to offer.

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