Mother's Day Brunch "Sweet & Simple" Tablescape

I am so glad you're here again, I've been looking forward to sharing this post just like ALL of my posts with you guys.  This one in particular is especially special and fun though because its a group of talented ladies sharing all of their Mother's Day Brunch tablescapes and I cannot wait for you too visit all of them!

But first, let's take a look at the one I'm sharing with you here today.

Like my Thanksgiving tablescape last Fall, I went with a very simple approach.  I love the beauty in simplicity, don't you?

Not to mention its way more affordable and I'd rather put my best effort and expense towards the food.  Isn't that what my life and blog is about anyway finding ways to make it work and create beautiful and life hacks for the frugal and budget friendly person like me.  At least for most. 

Let me start by saying that for me, when I start to think of a tablescape, I consider my centerpiece first.  Then of course the food and making sure it's not overwhelmed by the surroundings. 

Like most of you I don't like to pay a whole ton of cash for flowers, don't get me wrong I will if I must and when they're being gifted but to save a little money for me on a tablescape or just to have around the house, I've learned that Trader Joe's has a great selection at great prices.

I instantly fell in love with the chamomile flowers, they smelled amazing and I currently have blooming lavender in my front yard so I knew the combination of both would be ideal.

I skipped the tablecloth because I haven't been able to find one that I absolutely love or fits my table.  Oblong tablecloths are hard to find.  So I used a table runner that I had recently bought at Ikea.  I then used dishes that I already had and vintage dishes and cake stand, I already had as well.  But if you're wondering where my plates and glasses are from, they're from Dollartree.  Told ya, I was frugal.  Plus I love that you can find good stuff at the dollar store.  The gold utensils are plastic, from Target

I also centered the look of this tablescape around the cloth napkins I found for $1 each at World Market.  You'd be amazed how many great deals you can find at WM.  In literally every section of their store.  I love buying my snacks, teas and wines there as well.  Its also gift central in my opinion, you can literally find something to gift anyone in your life there.

The colors on the napkins just spoke Spring to me.

For Brunch I served warm homemade croissants with a homemade raspberry jam.  Fresh fruit to pair with some vanilla Greek yogurt, not pictured.  "Mom'osas were on the menu as well (a must) but not pictured and fresh water with cucumber.

I added a fresh stem if either chamomile or lavender to each of the plate settings for that extra personal touch. You can't help but want to pick it up and breath it in. mmmm.

This tiered silver tray was a thrift find for $3 you guys and I was hooked when I saw it and how perfect is it for serving fresh fruit or just about anything. 

These chamomile flowers are still sitting on my table and I can't help but inhale them every chance I get.  I love a good wide glass vase to display flowers, herbs or greenery.  Including those reusable glass water bottles.

I love displaying foods in fun jars and cake stands, I mean, they're so versatile that you can have fun with it and go with what looks and feels right to you.  Having these staple serving dishes does make all the difference when you have a brunch or dinner party or any party for that matter.

I hope you all find this Mother's day brunch tablescape very inspiring and by all means if you want to share yours and to make it easy to find you, please tag your photos with #CCBTablescapes.

I honestly have so much fun coming up with an easy and fun creative way to create a tablescape and still be able to reuse the dishes and things we have around our house.

And don't forget to visit all the beautiful Mother's Day Brunch blog hop tablescapes below.


  1. Sandra, this tablescape is so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen chamomile used this way and it is gorgeous. Everything is really cozy and relaxing. It reminds me of the summer months I used to spend with my grandparents on their farm which are some of my favorite memories. Thanks so much for putting this blog hop together. It has been so much fun! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Your table is seriously Beautiful Sandra. It is the perfect combo of color and simplicity. I love the pops of color in the fruit and the beautiful greenery and flowers you used. Its all so gorgeous. Happy Mothers Day Friend.