San Fran - Last Day of Exploration | Part 2

Glad you're back for Part 2 of our mini trip to San Fran.  I have been looking forward to sharing these little yet somewhat big and fun parts of our daily lives with you guys.  It might not seem like much but personally this little space works as a memory book for me per say as well.  I love looking back at some of my old posts and our passed adventures and glad that I have them here to look back on.

So moving on to Day 2.  Friday.

Personally I was hoping my daughter would get done early enough with all the fun she was having with Sephora early enough for us to have the time to head over to  The Walt Disney Family Museum.  But unfortunately their meetings took longer than expected and therefore we only had time for one short stop before heading to the airport that early evening.

That morning my son and I slept in a little before heading on a little short walk to Starbucks for a light breakfast and coffee (coffee for me only of course and apple juice for him).  Took our time packing and getting ready till check out time.  Once we were ready to leave we headed straight to my daughter's hotel at The Proper.  She would be arriving shortly after we got there.

In the meantime we waited in a very artistic and comfortable lobby, as you can see from some of the pictures I took below.  The view was amazing and their restaurant looked awesome as well.  We were planning to have lunch (dessert actually) at Ghirardelli therefore we didn't bother eating while we waited.  But I was tempted just to have sat in that pretty room.

That's the restaurant at The Proper, below,  through the door way, behind my slouchy son.

I couldn't get enough of that lobby.  So much architecture and details.  Loved all the color in here.  So inspirational.

My daughter finally arrived and we then grabbed an Uber and headed to the chocolate factory!

We'd never been here so a visit to Ghirardelli was a must on our list of places to visit.  Though we didn't get to visit all our spots I'm glad this one got crossed off.

The view from there wasn't too bad either.  We might not have had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz this time around but seeing it from afar was enough to keep us pretty satisfied till next time.

You get an even better view from the pier at Fisherman's Wharf.

We got pretty lucky those two days that we were there with all the beautiful weather San Francisco was having.  I guess its usually pretty gloomy there most of times therefore we felt pretty lucky.  Perfect weather to walk around and enjoy the views.

Told ya.  Beautiful.

Skies were so blue!  These photos were all taken with my phone and no filter.  I must say, normally I am not a fan of my phone pictures but these were pretty great.

That's the golden gate bridge below from afar.  My daughter was lucky enough to have visited with the rest of the Sephora Ambassador girls when they got to take a private tour the day before.  But my son and I missed out this time around.

The pics below I did edit to black and whites because I will be printing these and love how both my kiddos look in these photos.  Its rare that they'll pose for me so I cherish these photos when they do.

Especially the candid moments that I capture of them are my favorites.

And a few more that I took on the pier.  I love how these turned out that I might consider printing and framing them as art work and placing them in the house somewhere.

After Ghirardelli and our tour of Fisherman's Wharf, we finally had to head back to The Proper to pick up our luggage and head to the airport.  We had skipped lunch completely so dinner at the airport was a must.

And that was a wrap for our mini business yet fun 2-day round trip to San Francisco back in February, that I finally got around to blogging about.  Either way I hope you enjoyed our little trip through our eyes and experiences and making the best of moments like these with my little's (that aren't so little anymore)!!!

In all honesty even though we did make the best of our trip and went on our little adventures.  Downtown San Francisco wasn't at all we thought it was cut out to be.  It just did not meet our expectations, the poverty and realistic sad influence that this city has is a little scary and truthfully we wish it would have been a little different.   But all in all this city has a lot to offer and those that appreciate it for what it is, I know its for all the right reasons.

Know that I will always give my sincere and honest opinion whether a blog post is sponsored or not, I want you guys to know what I truly think of any place, product or brands as well.

Till next time!

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