San Fran - Where We Stayed & Pop Art | Part 1

This blog post has been a long time coming.  I just truly haven't had the time to really put my thoughts down as I've wanted to with so much going on.  And I definitely didn't want to rush out a post just to have one.  I like to deliver authenticity when it comes to writing an honest and true blog post, especially based on our real life experiences.

Okay, so I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't all business and no fun.  To be honest I'm mostly on the sidelines of my daughter's business, I'm there to observe and play referee if needed be, she's pretty capable on handling herself on most of her trips.  Playing a mom/manager (momager) role is still new to me and I'm okay with being there if needed.

departure view from our window seat

I wanted my son to come along because I didn't feel like exploring the city on my own.  And I want his introvert self to explore a little too.  

At the time we weren't sure if we were going to be able to stay at the same hotel as my daughter, which was The Proper.  We later came to find out that we could have stayed with her and saved ourselves some money, but that's okay.  Next time. We didn't mind because we actually ended up staying at The Cartwright, because other than the regular noisy streets and small rooms, the location was exceptional! The rooms were cute and well groomed as well but not as nice as The Proper.  Couldn't beat the fact that we were walking distance from everything we needed.  Starbucks included!

The Proper Hotel

Daughter's room wallpaper at The Proper Hotel

View from room at The Cartwright Hotel

We decided to take advantage of the little time we were going to be in the city.  We'd never been to San Francisco, so the only thing we really had on the agenda was to attend the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and explore whatever else we managed to fit in.

My son is an art fanatic.  He loves to draw and anything art basically.  Its something we've always had in common with our children, artistry.  Going to museums has become something we love to do as a family.  So I knew he would appreciate this part of the trip.

Get ready for picture over load my friends!

I think he took more photos than I did.  He eventually took away my phone because my phone was getting clearer pictures he said.

Captured a couple of shots of the city from the 2nd floor of the museum for fun and the view of the sunset against the buildings.

We loved it all and I loved watching my son in his own element.  Afterwards we caught an uber and had him drop us off at Union Square for some window shopping and exploring of the city. 

After walking around a few blocks we decided it was way passed our dinner time, especially after skipping lunch all together.

Luckily our hotel was surrounded by so many great eateries.  So we ended up at a diner and indulged on a good ol' burger, fries and shake!  After all the walking and burning of calories, we knew it was well deserved.

Tomorrow, was going to be our last day there.  I told you it was a short trip.  My daughter had had a full day herself, so we didn't see much of her the remainder of our first day.

You'll have to come back for the second part of our trip and more pics to share with you.

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