With Life Comes Changes & I'm Ready!

I have to say this has been a long time coming, maybe I've even personally have secretly wanted this change to come sooner than later so I'm not mad that it has.  But its been time for a little change.

Before I reveal what that is exactly.  Let me tell you where I've been and where I stand since I started blogging four years ago.

Here I am in my late 30's.  Soon to be my last year of my cherished 30's.  And here I am turning the page to a new chapter once again.  Because those come along every once in a while don't they and I for one certainly appreciate them, I look forward to what's to come.  Routine is good but for me, it gets boring after a while.  So though it may seem like things are constantly changing, they may be, but always for the better, or something better is yet to come.

Change is good.  

As most of you know or have known, that I've had a day "desk" job.  I've practically always have had a day job.  This particular one I started soon after I started my blog.  Let me back up a bit though, soon after high school I had my daughter and rather than going to school I dove right into working an 8-5 job.  I have been doing that since 1999 till 2013.  On and off of course due to the market crash of the mortgage world.  So being an Administrative professional has been what I've done in between.  And in 2014 I happened to get lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful couple who owns their  business and have flexible hours for the sake of my kids and their agendas.  Which also gave me a little bit of freedom to blog more.

Blogging became a fun and creative outlet for me as a full time mom and wife and working for so long, that I decided I wanted to do something different and fun for myself.  I had started selling Avon and a baking business years before I'd even considered blogging, on the side, for fun of course and was satisfying for a long time.  With the thought that if either of those businesses/hobbies built into anything more that it would allow me to work from home, but it wasn't my passion so that's all they actually were, hobbies. Except you see, I love to write and type, I've been typing since grade school. Then came the Internet and blogs. I very soon fell in love with reading blogs and how these women (mostly women) were putting their lives, hobbies and interests on the Internet.

Putting my thoughts in words, especially when it came to all the things that I created or enjoyed for everyone to see seemed ideal.  I had been following and subscribed (and still do) to so many blogs because I admired what they did and shared too.  Therefore I finally got the courage to do it myself too.  Not having a clue what I was doing, I figured eventually I would figure it out or would figure it out as I went.  Here I am 4 years later and though I wish I'd started years sooner, I have no regrets.  And I still find so much joy in having this blog space of mine.  Whether its perfect or not.  Still so many things to tweak, but eventually I'll get it right, so I say.  haha!  I'm such a frugal and blogs aren't supposed to cost a thing is what sits in the back of my mind when I consider paying for a better host or a better template/layout design or consider hiring someone to help me create a better design.

But I'm getting side tracked here, I know.

With all that said and more, you're probably wondering still what it is that change that I'm talking about is exactly? .... well, let me tell you.

My day job, has now come to an end.  Being that it was a family owned business, they are growing and making some changes and because the family that owns the business lives in Bakersfield.  Which is three hours away from me by the way that is where the business will be or has been moved to at this point in time.  They're doing very well and the owners need to oversee more of the business themselves.  I was sad of course when I heard the news, they've been like family to me after all this time.  I was happy with my position there because of the fact that there was no office politics and they were very very flexible with my schedule.  That's really hard to find these days.  I of course understand its for the best of their family and business.  I actually welcomed this new change with open arms.  I've learned to embrace change good or bad, whether it may seem unreasonable or hard to understand at times notice but HE always has a plan for us and I knew this was just another one of his plans for me.  For us.

So I had a lot to think about.  What was next for me?  Well the problem was and still is, do I follow my heart or continue to work for survival? Do I go back to the 8-5?  Do I want to?  Its only sensible right, for me and my family's sake.  And the answer is yes, I will be going to the workforce soon enough.  I'll be looking to find a job with the same flexibility if possible, its what I'm hoping.  But I also wanted to give myself some time to blog full time while I figure it all out.  I'm allowing myself at least 2 months.  But that could change.

Right now, at this moment in my life, full time desk work is just not my calling.  It wouldn't make me happy.  At this time in my life I want to do what makes me happy.   I know to some it may seem unreasonable or selfish.  But I have plenty to do around here, let alone so many things I want to start and blog about.  I want to do as much of that as I can, while I can, for myself and to hopefully inspire you some more, isn't that the point?!  You all already inspire me so much and the fact that you take the time to read my blog, mean so much to me.  So thank you.

I also plan to register and take an online Summer college class, currently working on that, more on that soon, hopefully make it a another new chapter to pursue for the future.  I'm going to be focusing on working freelance from home also in the meantime, to help with bills and expenses.  Hopefully that works out for the best and still allows me to continue blogging more and work on more projects from home.  Again, these are just a few things I have in mind and hoping that it does work and its a part of HIS plan for me.  And if it isn't, that's okay too.  I'll just have to turn the page when I get there.

Life is scary when it comes to changes and new chapters.  Learning to embrace it for what it is, is what makes all the difference on how we foresee it.  Allowing one to chase their passions, their interests, not having it all figured out even at almost 40, well we're not all that lucky but I want to be able to say that I did my best.  I tried.  I wasn't afraid to embrace the change.

I'm excited for what ever is yet to come.  Bring it.  And join me!

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