Summer Vacation "Netflix & Hulu" Binge Watch List | 2018

You guys know how much I love movie nights and nights in especially on the weekends. Well, its almost the weekend and its finally my son's last day of school, so Summer break is officially starting for us!

Nothing says weekend for most of us, like a night in with your favorite snacks, beverage and favorite current show or movie, am I right? ... that's more or less my husband's and my ideal weekend evening.  Especially if we're looking to relax after a long week. 

We've been enjoying the simplicity of being without cable for almost a year now, honestly we barely miss it and we certainly don't miss that ridiculous monthly payment.  We weren't sure how we would feel about it overall but its been a great transition and a nice change.  We enjoy binge watching on Netflix and also having subscribed to Hulu so we don't miss out on some of our favorite shows completely.   

Having both of these plans has been helpful and entertaining for the whole family.  And yet, its still wayyyy more affordable than cable.  When 3 out of 4 of us are TV junkies, it comes in pretty handy to have these options.  Believe it or not my son does not watch TV, he's a YouTube watcher so there's that too, I guess. 

I love a variety of series and movies so I don't always just stick to one genre.  I love family friendly, drama, mystery, sci-fi, romcom's (romantic comedy's) and even cheesy hallmark like flicks, hello, I am a girly girl after all... oh and the only reality TV I love to watch is a couple of the Real Housewives franchise shows (Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, and New York) which stream on Hulu.

Which is why today I feel its most necessary to share with you what my some of favorite Must Watch list from Netflix and a few from Hulu have been lately.

So let's get down to it, shall we.

These next few movies are great to watch with the whole family especially if you have teens, like me, and want to actually get them to watch a movie with you.  They're funny and entertaining for everyone.

Amanda and Jack Go Glamping is one of those movies you watch for the fun of it, honestly the actors are what caught my attention.  The title was catchy too.  Except the title doesn't really have much to do with the plot of it.  Its still very much entertain and fun experience overall.

Candy Jar was probably a favorite of mine, even though it may seem like a movie for a much younger crowd, it really isn't.  Its an overall entertaining movie for the whole family.  Not only are the high school students in a debate team/tournament but so are the mother's of these two, who are a couple of great actresses, one of them being Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.  But the whole cast is great.

The Kissing Booth is a great movie to watch with your teens.  This was a movie I debated on watching just because I felt a little too old to do so, but once I started, I realized it was pretty entertaining and took me back to my high school days.  I actually really love Joey King, who's starting to finally get recognized and one of my all time favorites, Molly Ringwald.

These next few are Netflix original mini series.  I love a mini series because you know once its over you don't have to wait for the next season or other.  That's it, it was what it was and hopefully it was good.  In this case for me, these turned out to be better than I expected.

Seven Seconds, my daughter and I actually watched this series, and its one we both recommend.  Its a little hard to watch with the reality of it hitting home.  But overall the cast and plot of this series is great, and even the ending is surprising but sadly our reality these days, so its definitely one to watch with a mature audience.  I would say its okay for teens as well, 14 and up for sure.

Godless turned out to be on the top of my list as well.  I watched this all on my own.  Occasionally my husband would walk in and watch with me.  Its an interesting series.  Its pretty dramatic and if you like a good western movie with outlaws, then this is a must watch.  I personally grew up watching westerns with my grandpa so its no surprise that I would love this series.

I have yet to watch 13 Reasons Why.  But my daughter really recommends this series and so I'll be making it a point to add this to my must "binge" watch as well this Summer with my son.  She says its one that all teenagers should watch especially with the suicide epidemic in our country these days.  If suicide is a sensitive subject for you all then maybe this is a series to watch, suicide is something we talk about as a family because its affected our family as well personally but you could never talk about it enough.  

Of course there's also SafeThe Crown, Stranger Things and The Ranch are a few other favorites that you, I'm sure are more than familiar with as Netflix originals as well.

Now let's get down to the Hulu must watch for the Summer....

The Handmaid's Tale, its one that I'm still in the process of watching, just me.  I love it so far and so many others do too, which is why it caught my attention.

The Looming Tower, which I'm sure you've seen me brag about in my IG stories, definitely one to watch and keep watching!  I love that it goes into depth about the months that led up to 9/11 and how the FBI handled it all.  Why this happened and finally some answers to a few unanswered questions for us all.

So go grab your favorite drinks and popcorn and make it a "binge" night or weekend with your family or a night in all to yourself.  

Its my favorite kind of night, is it yours too?  Or do you prefer a night out?

If you have any favorites that you'd like to share with me or I must watch, by all means please share in the comments below.  I'm always looking to watch something new once I've binged on a series and sad that its over.

Happy "almost" Summer and if you're kids or teens are officially on Summer break, enjoy and make the best of it, but don't forget to take time for yourself mama's and remember this list when you do.

Full disclosure; this is in no way a sponsored post, these are 100% my own opinions and recommendations.

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