Must HAVE Summer Tech Items + Amazon Prime Day!

Happy Prime Day friends! In case you're a little in awe as to what that even means, its basically Amazon's official Black Friday! If you're an Amazon Prime member then you already know that starting today, July 16th, through July 17th, you are basically getting the best deals, most 50% off regular price. IF you're already shopping for BTS (back to school) now is the time or if you're still in the midst of Summer and shopping for all the best deals, below are some of the MUST HAVE fun and probably most necessary tech items, to make summer that much more fun! To find out more about Amazon Prime day and getting your membership, click [HERE].

IF you've been following then you already know that I actually contributed this post to The Craft Chronicles (digital magazine). So you definitely want to check it out there because there are so many other great articles by some of my fellow 2018 National DIY Day ambassadors. Except I wanted to make sure I shared with you here today as well, to make it easy to my own readers and subscribers.

What better way to enjoy the season than with tech items that can help make Summer just as fun and relaxing for adults because tech stuff isn't just for kids anymore! To be honest grown up gadgets have evolved a lot and they just keep getting better and better especially in the last few years.
Check out ten of the coolest tech items I could find for this Summer.
1. This AMMSUN Beach Tent with sandbag anchors is not only easy to put up on a hot summer day but it comes in different colors and is light to carry wherever you go.

2. This AirPuff Inflatable Lounge Chair Outdoor for the beach or any outdoor travel.  Its comfortable and the best part, its portable. Easy to carry and inflate when you need to lounge and the best time to lounge is when you’re reading your Digital magazine subscription on your Kindle, which brings me to the next best tech item.

3. If you own a Kindle, Amazon makes it super easy to take your favorite magazine’s subscription with you without the fuss of carrying a stack of them to the beach.  These digital Kindle edition subscriptions are affordable and easy to download for a good read, all while lounging on your portable inflatable chair.

4.  Okay, if you’re a wine lover like me then this is probably the best thing you’ve heard of yet.  Right?  I know for me it was.  An on-the-go wine chiller, yes, please.  It's such a great tech item to have when you’re nowhere near a refrigerator and we all know a cooler at the beach is not going to maintain your wine as chill as you’d like.  This is one of my top must have items this Summer.

5.  We all know that Summer means friends and listening to music or watching videos with our friends is all part of the fun.  This AmazonBasics 5-way multi headphone splitter makes it easy enough to do just that.  Sharing is caring and making the best memories with friends while sharing is key!

6.  Fits in your pocket.  This Ancord Wireless bluetooth speaker is perfect when you’re packing to head out on your next venture because you don’t have to worry about packing too much with this mini speaker.  It’s supposed to be loud just like a regular speaker so don’t go judging it by its size.

7. This Fujifilm Instanx Share smartphone printer is a must have this Summer for all those memories you’ll be creating.  We all know how easy it can be to forget about all the pictures we take and put off to print but with this smartphone printer right in front of us it’s easy enough to print your photos the very moment you get the opportunity to do so.

8. Movies outdoors are what Summer’s were made for.  It’s not summer without having at least one outdoor movie party!  This Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 500 is compatible with big screen, HDMI and built in sound.  I honestly need one of these asap. We usually borrow one, but having one of our own is not out of our reach anymore.

9.  Now campers, this is a must have.  I’m no camping expert but I must say, this BioLite Campstove 2 Wood Burning and USB charging even impressed me.  I’m actually looking forward to camping now just to put this BioLite to work.


10.  I don’t know about you but I tend to use my phone for just about anything these days and so I tend to use up my battery in no time.  This Weikin Fast Wireless Charger is a lifesaver and saves me when I’m nowhere near home and in need to charge my phone.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the best tech items this Summer, you’re sure to be the life of any party and ready when you’re ready to throw one.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for these. Summer is one of my favorite seasons for entertaining so I know these are sure to be a hit.

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