Fall "SoCal" Influencer Meetup 2018 | Recap

This post has been forth coming for a few weeks now. As Fall is practically coming to almost an end, it only seemed appropriate to wait, or it simply just happened that way actually.  No pun intended.

Honestly I think we’ve all been eager to talk about this event except we needed to really gather our thoughts, details and amazing photos before we would allow ourselves to share.

But the day has finally come.

This year, Taylor, my daughter, Faye and I decided it was time and we knew we were way overdue for our Third “Social Influencer Meetup”. It’s been a while since we had hosted one of these and we wanted to wait for the right time to make it happen. 

Truth is I’m not much of a socialist even after being a blogger and Instagram influencer for almost 5 years now, you would think I would have broken out of my shell by now. Fact is, I have made some progress along the way, I’m definitely much better than I used to be. I have forced myself to be more social and not such an introvert especially if since I truly do love getting to know so many of you. But truth is I'm still very much a homebody, that won't change.

Yet making friends, sharing, inspiring and being a part of a community is truly a favorite hobby of mine. And that’s where this idea came from when I approached Taylor about hosting these kind of influencer events. Though you still won’t catch me behind a microphone or up on a stage because baby steps and stage fright, I still love seeing all of your bright and beautiful faces in person, catching up, networking and what not.

So if you had the opportunity to attend this year’s event, thank you so much for coming out and joining us, it was truly quite something.

We love to do our very best and put our best effort in making sure it’s to your every benefit and worth coming to whether you’re close or afar. We always try to do our best to make sure that our events are just about 100% sponsored by handmade, small shops and familiar brands too. For everyone’s liking, to create an even more fun environment and definitely for the benefit of the sponsor/brand. We look forward to not only having you show up and networking with everyone but we love introducing you to the brands that make these events be what they are.

In case you missed it and want to know more of what these small yet quaint influencer events consist of, keep reading.

We decided to add a theme to this year’s event and we came up with #AuthenticallyME

This hashtag was truly on point when it came to this meetup. We wanted to make sure to spread the love and joy, to show our influencer attendees. Staying true to our own social squares and unique selves when it comes to our social media platforms is more than okay, sharing our hobbies and passions is what we do and because we love it and we shouldn't change it or be anything else just because others are doing something trendier or simply want what others have.

We can easily go out and compare yourselves to others any day, any time and wish we had what others have especially when it comes to having the likes and follows. But how different would we be then, if we all went and did or became exactly the same?!

Being "authentically you", that was the goal this evening of October 19th, 2018.

Our guest speakers, whom we're big fans of and admirers, Katie from HalfwayWholeistic.com and Jilleen from socalfieldtrips.com, they were both so amazing and they both provided us with some amazing information and inspiration to help us grow and successfully continue our journey in our social media platforms. They talked about how they found being true to their own agenda has really helped them grow. Katie shared that when you love what you do and do it with passion people can relate to that and Jilleen had some great Facebook tips for all of us, even myself. 

Jilleen from SoCalFieldTrips.com (@socalfieldtrips)

Jilleen & Katie from HalfwayWholeistic.com (@halfwaywholeistic)

We were all so busy catching up and getting to know each other not to mention, eating all the good bites that Tackle Box OC had for us at our event, speaking for myself personally, unfortunately hardly took the time to take any selfies or hop on to Instagram stories, like I'd hoped. So after this post, I'll probably be bombarding you on my Instagram with some of the wonderful photos you'll see throughout this post and more. During our event we really wanted not only for our guests to network but to also have fun and get to know the location of our event and our sponsors as much as they could especially if they had never been. The OC Mix has been a hangout for me and my kids since the very beginning, we've lived so close and its such a hidden gem that we have seen it go through its growth spurts and have attended quite a few of the events held here, seasonally. Not to mention, we love all the different vendors, bakery, coffee shop and the Farmers Market they have on Saturdays! There's a little bit of everything here for everyone.

We could not have been able to make this event happen without the sponsors that helped us put this event together, I will make sure to add everyone's website/tags at the end of this post and on some of the photo descriptions. 

And a huge thanks to our photographer, Teddie Hart Photography for being so kind and truly capturing the essence of our event! 
Definitely check out her Instagram page, she's so talented.

Our guests even got to do some shopping before the real event got started. Kestan was nice enough to provide our guests with a gift certificate of $50 to get the evening started off right! 

They have the most amazing clothing for the modern woman and jewelry amongst other things, if you're ever in the area definitely pay them a visit!

Kevin is part owner with his sister and their store is quite beautiful.

All of our sponsors were so very generous and can we admire all the great appetizers that Tackle Box OC offered us.... they are located at SOCO / The OC Mix and have the best food, no joke, I'm a huge fan of their cauliflower buffalo bites (my favorite) and they even offer brunch on weekends! So if you're a local or ever in town, definitely stop by! Make a day of it.

The stunning flower centerpieces are by the talented Alex Tel-son Designs and the chairs, tables and linens, including our photo backdrop was brought to you by the fabulous rental company AC Exclusive Moments, they are both local vendors by the way and if you're in the OC area definitely look into them for your next event or celebration. Just like most of our sponsors for this event.

The details that were incorporated into this year's event were timeless and everybody even got to go home with their own personalized name tag created by the generously talented Jessica from The Walt House. We honestly were beyond impressed and definitely felt the love!

Here's a video that Taylor was sweet enough to put together from the snippet videos that our photographer was able to take during our event.

This year our sponsors were quite generous and our guests left home with some amazing gifts to try and couldn't have been happier from all their shares on Instagram, thank you all who shared the love.  We honestly cannot wait for next time!  It can't come soon enough.

With that said.

We also had quite a few goodies leftover and a few vendors even provided us with a couple of special items to host a giveaway for you guys, so we're combining it all in a gift basket and sending it to one lucky winner!

Below are some of the items included in the Giveaway basket.

Please make sure to ENTER the giveaway below via Rafflecopter's rules in order to be considered as an entry you MUST comment on both blog posts at CharmedCrownBlog.com and UniquelyTaylorMade.com. Must be 18 or older to enter and US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find all of our sponsors information below.  Make sure to stop by, visit and show them some love!

HOSTESSES: Taylor @uniquelytaylormade / Faye @fayyeezy / Sandra @charmedcrownco

SPEAKERS: Katie @halfwaywholeistic / Jilleen @socalfieldtrips 

RENTALS: AC Exclusive Moments @acexclusivemoments / Phone: 714-230-9644

FLORALS: Alex Telson Designs @alextelsondesigns / Email: Alex@alextelsondesigns.com

NAME TAGS: The Walt House @thewalthouse Email: heyjess@thewalthouse.com

YOUNG LIVING OILS: Abundant Joy Essentials / @abundantjoyessentials nsmattesoni@gmail.com

CARDS: Felicity Grace Designs / @felicitygracedesigns www.felicitygracedesigns.com

WATER: Boxed Water @boxedwater #boxedwater

WINE IN A CAN: Drink Babe (Wine In A Can) @drinkbabe #drinkbabe

NOT YOUR MOTHERS: Product @nymbrands #nymIRL

MIEL: (handbag/giveaway) @shopmiel

FARM & CULTURE: Discount code @richelixirs / @farmandculture #richelixir

TACKLE BOX: Event catering @tacklebox #tacklebox #grubsnack

EVA’S TRUNK & DENIM BAR: Discount code @evastrunk

PORTOLA COFFEE: Discount code @portolacoffee

KESTAN: Gift Certificate $50 @hellokestan

CANDLES: Holiday candles @helloyoucandles / @confettigiftcompany

PHOTOGRAPHER: Event Photos / Teddie @teddiehartphotography

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