Christmas Living Room 2018

I probably say this every year, but this holiday is one of my favorites.  

With our tree, we sometimes choose to have a real one or opt out for our faux tree, truth is the fake one just lasts longer.  Which allows me to be able to bring it out earlier and earlier every year without worrying about it drying out if it were real. Normally I wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but this year, you guys this tree was up and ready the second week of November.

Almost like last year, this year we decided to keep things white and neutral in the living room.  We used almost the exact Christmas decorations on the tree, except we actually decided to keep quite of a few of them off to keep things minimal and let the knitted garland and lights be more of the focus.

I decided to actually do a mini live "Christmas Living Room tour" over on my Instagram this morning, which I made sure to save on my highlights.  So if you want to see more of it live, head over there.  Although I probably didn't cover as much as I wanted to, but I'll be making sure to add most if not all of my sources for your info here, throughout this post.

As much as I'd like to have a Balsam Hill tree, we're pretty happy with our Home Depot faux tree that we purchased about 3 years ago now.  We are infamous for losing our faux trees throughout our moves in passed years.  Unfortunately this one doesn't have built in lights so that's the only flaw because other than that its a great tree and I love it, personally.  I do miss the real tree smell sometimes, but nothing a few cinnamon smelling pine cones can't make up for.

I used to be that girl to buy expensive beautiful tree decorations but as they eventually most broke throughout the years, I opted for plastic and/or shatter proof decorations and I'll shop for them at Target, Big Lots or Dollartree.  Although lately I love the shatter proof tree decor that both Pier1 Imports and Crate & Barrel have available also.  Definitely recommend shopping for them at the end of the year or right after Christmas for the best deals.

The knitted garland, I'm certain I could have made myself, but truth is Crate & Barrel's knitted garland wasn't bad in price for $7.99 and then on sale after Christmas for 5.99 was a steal, not to mention they always have a 15% off coupon code somewhere!  I get their catalogs in the mail so that's usually where I'll find mine or if you get their emails, definitely hold onto those.

Our decorations have been collected throughout the years and more so in the last 4 years since we bought our home.  We wanted to start with a fresh slate and love changing the theme every year almost so not having too much and selling/buying or swapping out is how we do it most of the time, so that we're able to on a reasonable budget.

Like I mentioned on my Instagram stories, this year I decided to get playful and add some frost to our fake tree to give it a more whimsical fee with the coziness of the knitted garland and all the twinkly lights.  Our tree is wearing a woven tree collar that I found on sale before last year's holiday season at Pier1, and I realized its currently on CLEARANCE again for only $43.98.


Our fireplace even got a simpler yet whimsical look this year.  I normally don't add twinkly lights to our mantle but this year I saw the cutest lights at IKEA and just couldn't help myself.  And just like last year, I baked more orange slices because they make our house smell so delightful.  Plus I made extra because I wanted a couple of garlands made of orange slices this year for our mantle and entryway.

Like most years, we do in fact decide to get the real pine garland from Home Depot almost every year because they're beautiful and add that natural touch I love.

Our knitted stockings were a last year purchase also from Amazon, inspired by the much bigger Crate & Barrel version ! Shopping for home decor especially for the holidays has been a favorite of mine in the last couple years through Amazon, I almost which I had the swipe up link on my Instagram so I could recommend all of the goodies that I find.  So help a girl out friends, and tell your friends to follow this girl @charmedcrownco.


Like in my stories this vignette is one I like to keep pretty simple and I shared how the copper holder and silver tier tray are both thrift finds, the faux mini tree was a bargain find and everything else I pretty much already had.  The gold bell was a find at my local Dollartree and I loved its antique look as well.  I love mixing metallic colors these days, copper, silver and gold and truly timeless.

I had added twinkly lights to the mini tree but decided to remove them later as I liked it better without.


Keeping things cozy and comfortable around here is key, we love decorating for the holidays but we also love that it doesn't feel like a museum and we can still lounge and enjoy the view of things with them feeling just as much part of the room as anything else.

This year I kept our couch pillows neutral as well, I found these plaid pillow covers at Amazon as well, 2 for like $15 and they're 18x18 so they're perfect for my IKEA inserts.  And next to the bigger 26x26 IKEA pillows they all went very cohesively.


So glad you all stopped by and visited inside our Christmas Living Room and got to get a glimpse on my stories on Instagram hopefully.  Overall its not a very large living room but we love how cozy it is and feels during the holidays.

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