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It’s the first “Life Currently” post of 2019.  I haven't done one of these Subject blog posts in a while, and I miss writing (aka typing) them.

January has seemed to have flown by, and though it did, there is still quite a bit that took place.  

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past month.

Currently Watching

My husband and I are currently watching season 2 of The Punisher on Netflix, and surprisingly I didn't feel the need to watch Season 1 because my husband got me up to speed.  Its a very interesting show for now that we can both agree on and we're both fans of Jon Bernthal.

We also recently watched Solo (Star Wars) and the latest Mission Impossible movie, both great, Solo was definitely better though.

I also managed to finish Killing Eve on HULU and I’m obsessed. If you're a Sandra Oh fan, then I highly recommend it, plus you get to see her in a different light from her days in Grey's.

Currently Listening To

I’m a huge Mumford & Son's fan since the very beginning and so their latest album "Delta", as you've seen on my Insta story highlights, is a must listen to and if you're old school like me and still buy vinyls or CD's, or even if you download, the whole album is a must. It's been on repeat for the last month.

I’ve also given podcasts another shot. A friend of mine introduced me to the world of Rachel Hollis, and I’ve been exploring both her Rise podcast and her Rise Together podcast with her husband Dave.  Definitely one I recommend also if you're new to the Podcast world like myself and want to feel inspired.

Currently Eating

A little healthier, doing my best to stick to my keto friendly diet, but also trying new things. I got an Instant Pot at the end of last Summer, so I’ve been using it occasionally. Although I need more ideas and so I'm looking for a Insta Pot cookbook on Amazon, I found a few, but if you have any recommendations, by all means do share?

Of course baking is my niche and sadly I'm good at it, therefore Winter is my favorite time to bake, lots of sweets coming your way, stay tuned.

Currently Shopping For

Art.  Yes, Art.  Because our walls are pretty bare and I need to fill them.  I'm ready to personalize them with family photos and Art that we can bare to keep up for as long as we'd like it to be, not at all for Instagram likes but for our liking instead.  I've added photo shelves from Ikea to a couple of walls so a blog post on that soon.

Currently Doing

I’ve been so freaking productive this January. In case you hadn't noticed.  I've been blogging like crazy and sharing quite a bit here.  Not so much on social media but here, in this lovely space I love more than Instagram.  Thank you for sticking around for that.

Beyond that, I managed to paint the inside of our front door again and I think you're gonna love it, third time's a charm, more on that soon!

Last weekend we decluttered, a lot. Still not done but its coming along and I've posted tons on OfferUp. 

Currently Thinking

Last month I mentioned my thoughts on personal development, and this month is the same. I began listening to “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, and although the religion and trauma references don’t apply to me, there are many things that do. I see a lot of myself in the chapters about marriage, motherhood and personal growth. As silly as it sounds, listening to these types of podcasts and listening to these types of books gives me a new sense of mental clarity.  Thank goodness for Audibles but I do prefer reading from actual pages, so more actual books are on the horizon. 

I personally love to buy used books, because its just better, so here's a recommended website: and occasionally, I do shop Amazon too! Shop my Amazon Favorites here.

Currently Planning

Ways to start checking off my 2019 goals. I've checked off a couple so now the goal is to continue that momentum.

One of my goals for 2019 is to try and give my family less gifts and more new experiences that includes me too.

Which means for birthdays, we have plans to go places rather than buy things.

Now that January is practically over, what are your plans for February?

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