My January Favorites

These are just a few of my favorites for the month of January.

Being that its practically mid February I didn't want to let more time pass without sharing these with you all.

So let me get started.


1. CliniqueiD // Has turned out yet again to be a favorite for so many reasons.  You can check out my recent Instagram post here.  But one of those reasons is that you get to pick and create the blend best suited for your skin type out of 15 combinations to choose from.  Learn more about CliniqueiD here.

2. Floral weekly/monthly 2019 planner from Amazon // Which I found it to be pretty and colorful, and there's also this one, which is also just as beautiful.  The pretty cover alone is aspiring and uplifting daily.

3. Stitch Fix Work bag // I can't tell you all enough how much I've enjoyed using it daily.  Its come so handy being able to carry my planner and other blogging or note essentials needed daily.  I love the color, the interior, the extra space and it doesn't feel too big or like a tote at all.  Although I received this one from Stitch Fix which I highly recommend you sign up for, I also linked quite a few similar bags for you here.

4. Nyakio skincare products // This Mud Mask and anti-aging oil were the best holiday gift and I couldn't have needed these more than this Winter season. Its been cold in Southern California therefore the dryness from heating really takes a toll on our skin.  These Nyakio products were life savers and come in handy on #SelfCareSunday!

Nyakio Beauty was kind enough to gift me their Purifying Mud Mask and Anti-Aging Oil to try and I instantly fell in love with them.  They did not require me to talk about their product, so this is genuinely my 100% my opinion and recommendation.

5. Laneige Time Freeze Age Lifting firming mask // which I also use once sometimes twice a week and its reasonably priced.

But here are a few below that I highly recommend as well.

And during the day I still use a this Clinique moisturizer as well, below.

But in all honesty I love all the Clinique Moisturizers so feel free to find the one that would go well with your type of skin.

Moving on shall we...

6. Riverdale // Obsessed with this show.  My daughter had been trying to get me to watch this show for over a year now and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  I even thought I was probably too old to consider watching it.  Truth is I was wrong.  I was sucked in, in just the first episode and it doesn't hurt that Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald are on this show.  The whole cast is amazing actually not to mention I grew up reading the Archie comics so this is right up my alley and yours if you're a fan too.  It definitely filled my January with excitement as most of my current shows were on Winter breaks.


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