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Why We Bought A New Dining Table

I'm going to start by telling you WHY we purchased our dining table because even though I tried to tell a little part of the tale on Instagram stories yesterday, not all my stories uploaded unfortunately and I lost them.

So, let me start by saying, that all of the events leading up to this table having been purchased was just meant to be. At least that's how I would like to envision it and foresee it because I'm so in love with it and love that it all came together this way.

Life Currently | January

January started off just right, with my people of course, minus my husband but none the less, his trip went extra well and we were so excited to finally have him home a few days after the new year.

A Daily Checklist of Tips for Your Wellness Journey + FREE Download

Many of us will have heard of the term wellness and then think that it is something out of reach. We could also think that wellness is only for people that are into holistic medicine, yoga, or are wellness doctors. Not true. 

When everyday people are just working on the day to day of living, ‘wellness’ can seem like something quite far off. But this kind of thinking is a mistake. Wellness is nothing more than some small simple choices that we make each day, that then lead to some very big changes over time. But it all starts with small changes and decisions we make and choose to do each day. 

The key thing to remember is that anyone can achieve wellness, whether you work full-time, are a stay at home mom, or do a whole host of other things. You don’t need fancy kitchen skills to cook, or have to have a lot of money to spend on expensive activewear. You just have to start it all off with one thing after another. 

Here are some steps to wellness, one day at a time.

Dollhouse Update | Interiors

So I know its been a hot minute, okay more like almost 2 years since I've updated you guys on the #CCBDollhouse in this post here. That's crazy to me, it honestly doesn't even seem that long ago. I was just as excited then as I am now to still have this dollhouse all to myself.

Back story, I always dreamed of one like this as a little girl and never had one, so I treated myself now as an adult. We're never to old truthfully to keep achieving even the smallest dreams.