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5 Maintenance Tips for a Healthier Home Year Round

We all try to check electrical outlets and ensure that drains work, but other aspects of your home should be checked regularly. In the long run, if not addressed, these aspects can represent severe risks to the safety and health of your home - as well as the ones of anybody living in it.

Naturally, we are all always concerned with making the right choices to ensure that our families - especially our little ones - can live in a healthier home. And for this, maintenance is crucial.

All It Takes is 10 Minutes to Give Yourself a Boost

Everyone's busy - it's a fact of life. People often think of their time in terms of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. "I'm busy " seems to be an acceptable answer to the question "How are you?" It's the excuse most people use to procrastinate on unpleasant tasks or to sound important at work.

But in reality, you're never too busy for 10 minutes. Ten minutes is all it takes to improve any area of your life every day. You can practice yoga, try out techniques from Bob Ross paintings, or shop for knitting kits from online quilt shops - the possibilities are endless.

Instead of using the 'I'm busy' card always, set aside some busy parts of your life and invest 10 minutes to re-invent yourself. 

Packing the Box, or Throwing It Away: Helping Yourself Move On

Everybody wants to have a happier life in some way. Sometimes we can spend a lot of effort thinking that the grass is greener on the other side but rather than looking over the fence and dreaming about what could be, there are times when we have to take the plunge and take steps to move on. But moving on is one of those things in life that is never easy. When we consider moving in a different direction in life, we can feel scared because it's the unknown.

But what can we do to help ourselves move on?


Are you Happy? | 5 Ways To A Happier Lifestyle

So what makes us happy?

Human beings were created for love and happiness. As the saying goes, there is enough love for everyone, don't worry, be happy! 

Though happiness is different for everyone, some other logistics and habits can lead to a better, productive, and happy lifestyle. These are based on science, research, and an overall view of what makes your lifestyle a happy one.

Hot Toddy Apple Cider


Okay, so the weather is finally cooling down here in Southern California and we couldn't be more appreciative. Truth is for us 70 degree weather means we can actually wear long sleeves and light sweaters or cardigans. The evenings are definitely cool enough for the heavier or thicker ones if willing.

Personally I'm ready to start wearing warmer clothing and actually curl up with my doggies on the couch with a cozy blanket and a warm drink.
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