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How 'Voice Assistants' Could Be Helpful During A Pandemic

Like many of you for a long time I was a skeptic when it came to purchasing any kind of smart voice speakers. So I kept going back and forth. What I really wanted was a way to be able to play music and access information from my kitchen or living room hands free in case I was in the middle of cooking or cleaning.

I mentioned it a few times to my family for sometime, and last Christmas my daughter gifted me the echo dot 'Alexa' voice assistant from Amazon. And let me tell you, it's been quite the entertainment. Comes in handy in so many ways and for so many reasons. I'm hardly the skeptic now.

And also why I'm here to share some of the ways during this quarantine due to the pandemic that 'Alexa' or any smart voice speaker can come to the rescue and help save your family and your sanity!

How I Boost My Immune System Daily & Naturally

Since I was a little girl I have had the most sensitive digestive system. After having had my kids it only got worst and after my second birth I realized I needed to do something to change how awful I would feel at times.

Not knowing exactly what triggered my abdomen and stomach pains, I knew that I had to change my diet in some ways and add lots of organic foods and probiotics to my gut.

Now years later, I'm thankful that I've been able to maintain this immune boosting system daily to help me feel good and healthy when it comes to fighting off a cold or flu bug. And now more than ever with this killer flu bug called COVID 19 it's most necessary to do anything and everything necessary to help our bodies fight off those evil bugs.

Read on to hear exactly what I tried and more about the results…

Skin Conditions To Keep An Eye Out for In Your Little One | Things To Look Out For

Okay so I no longer have babies, my babies are practically adults now.  But I still have baby nieces and nephews plus plenty of friends with newborns.

Now more than ever it's most important to take care of our skin, but a baby's most importantly too.

What Does It Take to Run a Successful E-Commerce Business? | Helpful Tips & What It Means

E-Commerce: Entrepreneurship in the Age of the Internet

Now more than ever do our small business owners and startups need our valued support. So let's talk about how blogs, small shops and brick and mortar's can still work with the helpful tips below.

Among all the career paths available, entrepreneurship is one that offers countless options upon starting. 

As a newbie entrepreneur, it first begins with one of the most crucial decisions you'll have to make in your lifetime, notwithstanding the choice to become a business person, of course.

That is the business plan you'll follow for the foreseeable future. It's best to go about this with a critical mind since your business plan will dictate several key aspects of your would-be business. One is operations. Another is the products or services you can offer.

Do you want to save some money upon startup?