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5 Simple Home Improvement Projects To Put on Your To-Do List

Have you ever wondered what the best home improvement projects are? 

Well, wonder no more!

Here is a list of 5 simple home improvement projects that will take your house from drab to fab in no time. It is a great way to start getting into DIY projects for your own home. 

Home Office Inspo

To be honest I never expected to have one of our kids move out, it's always the next step after they graduate and their career takes off, but also no one really prepares you for that step as a parent. That being said, having a spare room wasn't imaginable or anything we expected to have any time soon.

But here we are. When our daughter mentioned she was planning to move out, it wasn't long before her brother had claim over her old room and I figured now we'll have an extra guest room or office but I didn't want to start thinking about details until everything was said and done. Plus I was too busy with the thought of missing our daughter and not having her around like we're used to.

That being said, I finally decided it would be best to distract myself with the details. I wanted this room to feel just as cozy as the rest of our home, but also to feel like a place we could work in, play in, relax in and if necessary to host a guest on an air mattress one day, to still feel cozy enough for them if so.

Woven Totes & Handbags Perfect for Summer | Under $50

I've always been a woven bag fan and I've been overdue on a new one to carry all of the necessities for the perfect Summer day out!

No beach, no problem! These handbags will add a the perfect touch of coastal charm to any bikini or outfit.

Affordable Entryway Summer Refresh

I haven't always been a fan of Summer but it's been growing on me the last few years, I've opened my mind and eyes to all the beauty this season has to offer. But one of my most favorite things is just how much more simple Summer and refreshing can be.

If you've been following along then you know I recently gave our entry way yet another update, the floors.

This has been a long time coming project and I'm so glad that I finally did it. And now it feels so much cleaner and brighter and because the floors are basically the show stopper in this space now, I didn't want to add too much unnecessary stuff.

World Market Outdoor Sale!

If you know you know by now that I'm a huge World Market fan, I have been for as long as I can remember, longer than before it became so popular to shop there in fact. When I got my very own place at 22 years old, Pier1 Imports and World Market were my go-to's for affordable quality home furnishings and decor. Believe it or not I still have pieces from them from way back when that I simply cannot part with especially with Pier1 being completely gone now (bitter sweet) but enough reminiscing for now, let's move on to this awesome mid-year outdoor sale World Market is having shall we!

Facebook Marketplace Bench Makeover

When I started to think about the entryway's floor and the change it would be making to that small space, I had to consider the overall look of it and for a while I knew that the original seating bench we have had now for about 2-3 years originally bought from Target was going to have to go.

You can reference to this post to see how much this space has evolved.

When I started looking for a bench, I did look to buy a new one at first but I just wasn't finding what I was looking for (which I had no clue what it was yet until I saw it) and whatever I did like, it was way out of my budget.
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