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Get Your Home Ready for Rainy Season With These Tips

Rainy season is the time of the year when heavy rains can cause havoc to your home. From leaky roofs and soggy basements, to flooded gardens and broken gutters, there’s a lot that can go wrong during this period. 

That’s why it’s important to get your home ready for the rainy season in advance. 

How To Prevent Water Damage In The Home

Water damage can happen in any home, whether it’s a brand-new property that’s only been standing for five years or a home that’s been standing for longer than you’ve been alive. 

Water damage can occur from a freak occasion of bad weather to something within the home finally giving way after regular damage.

Undoing The Interior Design Damage That Children May Cause

You don’t need to have unruly children just looking to break everything they come into contact with in order to see a noticeable effect on your home as soon as your little loved ones can crawl and run around. 

Children are natural explorers, naturally a little less co-ordinated than adults, and have no idea what boundaries are appropriate unless they’re correctly taught.

5 Tips for Making Your Fashion Instagram Profile Stand Out

As a fashion blogger, you want to stand out from the crowd with your Instagram profile. 

How to Create a Relaxing yet Conducive Workspace at Home

To ensure that you create a workspace that is both comfortable and motivating, there are some simple steps you can take. 

3 Baked Bean Recipes You Need In Your Life Right Now

Baked beans are an essential store cupboard ingredient that you should always have to hand. The chances are you’ve kept a can or two in your kitchen for many months, years even, yet never decided to use them. 

On their own, baked beans can be a bit plain and boring. But, when used alongside other ingredients they can create some filling and delicious recipes. 
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