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My Current Day-Time Facial Skin Care + Neutral Makeup Staples

I don't consider myself a beauty expert or even a pro-beauty influencer but it doesn't go without saying that I do love me some good skin care! I've always cared for my skin the way it was meant to, at every age and stage. I learned at a very young age that beauty doesn't come easy or lasts very long without caring for it carefully and with the best quality skin care products.

I love sticking to skin care products that show results and makeup brands that I love. What's even better is when that brand you love keeps evolving with the times. Sometimes if you stop seeing results it's because your skin has become used to the product. You don't want to stick to the same products for too long because certain ingredients can become less effective over time but you don't want to switch up too often that your skin gets confused and reacts. 

Truth is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If you're serum still gives you glowing skin and your moisturizer still keeps your skin supple, then you have no reason to swap them out. However, you should consider a change when your products no longer seem to work as well as they once did, or if after about a month of using a product.

My Breast Lump Diagnosis Story | Michelle's Place Cancer Resource Center


This blog post is in partnership with Michelle's Place Cancer Resource Center.

I have to admit, it's been a bit dreary knowing I would eventually write this.  I wasn't sure if I would or wanted to but then came along Michelle's Place. They really were the extra nudge I needed.

It finally motivated me to share how the results and outcome from my mammogram back in October 2020 affected me and how the process affected me until I received my results this March. And just in case you don't follow along on my Instagram then this is definitely news to you. Either way I figured if I could share this story of mine here on the blog it would be here for reference for myself and for those who need some inspiration or resources now or in the future.

Modern Dental Care Treatments for Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth are certainly unattractive, that is why people have become extremely conscious of their smiles. It is common knowledge for everyone to dreams of a healthy, white smile, as it affects our confidence and how we present ourselves in business and social situations.

In reality, there are plenty of factors that cause our pearly whites to turn into a dull and discolored look, from our lifestyle, food, and beverages we consume. This increasing awareness towards oral care led the dental industry to introduce cosmetic procedures to put an end to various teeth issues. It also gave rise to at-home dental treatments as a response to the increasing demand for teeth whitening techniques.

Trader Joe's Chile Lime Fish Tacos | Grain Free

This recipe has been a favorite of ours for the longest time. Not everyone in our household loves seafood as much as I do but we do enjoy these tacos pretty often.

I grew up eating seafood in many different ways and I'm glad that even now as my ways of eating have evolved into Keto that I am still able to enjoy a good taco seafood or not. As the weather warms up it encourages me to want to eat alfresco and this recipe is amazing to serve outdoors even if cooked indoors.

Hallway Makeover Update + Newly Trimmed & Painted Doors

I don't know what took me so long! Maybe it was fear or simply waiting for that itch to kick in, but we're so happy with our freshly painted doors throughout the whole house. It only made sense to paint all of them for that uniform look. Maybe this isn't the best view but it does give you a sense of how much more character they give this upstairs hallway.

As you can see from the picture above not only did we update the color of the doors throughout but also added trim detailing to our flat bath doors. With this particular color I felt it was necessary to add detailing that would stand out.

Affordable Dried Florals Perfect for Spring

 Personally I don't think I've ever said this before because I've usually taken this season either really slow or slightly for granted but this year seems different and I'm excited to see Spring finally upon us. Hints of blooming flowers along our yards and neighborhood really got me in the mood to bring Spring indoors and out of our home.

But first things first, I don't like to go out and buy all new stuff or spend a lot of money if not needed. I love searching for great deals because they're literally every where these days if you search in the right places and they're usually the places we tend to get inspired from the most.

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