Happy Early Mother's Day from Wine Country

Currently still trying to get a new header going for the blog, so don't mind that blah space right now, but I still wanted to catch up with you guys because lately I've been busy with staying on top of my workouts, kids and life that unfortunately posting hasn't been on my priority list.

But it doesn't mean I don't miss this space, its my escape after all.

As we all know holidays can be crazy in general and especially Mother's Day, getting to a restaurant or a fun popular location is madness.  Traffic alone and then getting your name on that 2 hour long wait list for a table is insane.
Therefore my sister's and I decided celebrating early enough wouldn't be such a bad idea.  Not that visiting Wine Country, in Temecula is ever a bad idea right?!

Personally I've never been its definitely a first for me.

It did turn out to be a gloomy cold weekend here in Southern California but we didn't mind it, we are in fact in a drought, therefore any little bit of rain is welcome.  We didn't let it stop us from enjoying a day out.

My mom was a little jet lagged from just having returned from her trip to Canada literally the day before, but she enjoyed it just as well and we all got to spend some quality time.  Not to mention one part of her grandkids got in on the fun too, except no wine for them!.... Actually I lie, one of the oldest is of age, hard to believe I know, my mama is so young right?!!

In the picture above is my mom (grandma) with my daughter on the far left, and my niece (age 25) in the middle and my son on the right.  And no, the nose ring is definitely not permanent, just a fashion statement, that we're not too sure how much we like.

I don't think we know how to take any serious pictures, especially when this much fun is involved, in these pictures, my younger brother and his girlfriend.  Lovebirds. <3 with my younger sister photo bombing in the back...

And here we are the party of five!
I must admit, we're all one of a kind, and nothing beats the times we spend together.

Wilson Creek Winery was our one stop this time around, but we're definitely returning and stopping at a few more wineries along the way next time, and sample so many more of the many delicious wines that Temecula has to offer.  Honestly with just the samplers we had at Wilsons Creek it was enough to leur us in!

What local stops or Wineries in Temecula do you recommend?  We'd love to explore some more next time we're in town.

Happy Early Mother's Day to my mama and all you mamas!

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