May 22, 2015

Friday Inspiration // Life Lately

Lately, its been good, not a whole lot of fun going on but a lot of GOOD FOR THE SOUL stuff.

Within the last month, I've had a lot of TIME TO THINK since my daughter's Cheer and my son's Basketball are coming to an end and soon school, it hasn't been too hectic. Thankfully, a nice little break is nice.  These are hectic moments I'll miss and treasure when they're done and all grown up.

But lots of future changes to come.  Therefore THOUGHT & COMPOSURE have been priority.

I know sometimes it seems like a lot gets thrown at us all at once or not enough is happening soon enough.  I think God definitely knows when things should and shouldn't happen. We somehow find a way to get through it.

Our lives are not always picture perfect and as much as I want to share with you ALL the different things going on personally and professionally, good or bad,  I hold back sometimes because I simply don't want to bombard you (my lovely readers), followers and friends with all our CRAZY mumbo jumbo.  I'm certain you have plenty going on too.  I have to admit even I'm guilty of being envious of those IG feeds with picture perfect lives, but I remind myself, lots of work goes into making those happen not to mention, its FRIENDLY INPIRATION for the EYES, BODY and SOUL.  Plus they brighten up my days!

So tell me, do you want more of our crazy goodness in your lives?! LOL

None the less, I'M GRATEFUL FOR YOU for taking the time to visit, read and listen, for this space that allows me to give you a sneak peak of our LOVELY or CRAZY mumbo jumbo and for everything good, bad, fun or hectic HAPPENING IN OUR LIVES.

Although my mom is cancer free, she has still had to undergo chemo therapy, to cancel anything out, which as some of you may know is no fun, but thankfully she's ALIVE and surviving LIKE A CHAMP!

And on a side note, some of you may remember me mentioning us wanting to buy a home back in November when we were in the process of moving into our apartment.  Well who knows maybe another move will soon be underway.  Our home buying process is coming along and with GOD'S BLESSING we'll be in our NEW HOME by the Summer.  My wonderful hard working husband and I have been putting our HEART, SWEAT & TEARS into this and we are excited to soon have something official to call home.

Of course things AREN'T ALL PERFECT, including the fact that we're IMPERFECT but that's how God made us rigghhht?! :) not to mention we still have ALL THE CHALLENGES of LIFE and the GLORY to conquer right, just trying to do what feels GOOD and right for our family and eventually in time things fall into place.... and we keep going.

With that being said, can't complain, just being AWAKE, HEALTHY & STRONG are just a few things to be GRATEFUL for!  Without my FAMILY nothing would seem as possible.  They are what I reach for and PRAY for EVERY DAY.

This is what's kept me STRONG, HOPEFUL and with FAITH.  Looking forward to today. Treasuring what's in front of us now, truly blessed, that's NEVER IN DOUBT.


With Memorial Day around the corner, let's not forget those who have fought and fallen for our FREEDOM, let's be THANKFUL, let's REMEMBER and EMBRACE them and their families.


Always happy to be here, tell me, what's your INSPIRATION lately? 


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