June 8, 2015

Beach Days Are Here | Summer 2015

Is anyone else excited for Summer as we are?!?  Please tell me how excited you are because even though Summer is as long as all the other seasons, for some reason it still seems like it goes by so much faster than Spring, Fall and Winter right?

So its time to cherish this season and although its not Summer officially its definitely feeling like it already and its not just the weather but I know some of your kiddos are finished with their school year too!

Here in Southern California we have been having some June Gloom for the last couple of weeks, but I'm appreciative of this weather because soon the heat will probably be unbearable and uncomfortable and therefore the beach and the pool visits will be a MUST!

About a week ago we took a trip to Laguna Beach, Thousand Steps Beach and it couldn't have been more perfect and beautiful, gloomy non the less but the scenery and view, so refreshing.

As always.

We had a wonderful morning enjoying the sea breeze.  It was just a perfect Sunday morning spent near the water.

How will you be spending your Summer?  Any beach trips planned already?

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