Kitchen & Dining Room Progress

I know, I know, I've totally missed this space and missed you guys!  I can't believe I haven't been here in over a month.  I hadn't planned on that but a lot has happened and still happening and I still owe you guys a Corn Avocado Crostini recipe, soon to come, promise!

If you've been following me on social media, you've noticed I've been posting pics of our Kitchen makeover like a looney! Sorry but not sorry lol.... just excited really.  Its fun to see such a huge transformation in such a small space, which now looks ten times bigger than before and the size of the space stayed exactly the same just a different look and layout.

Today I'm just sharing a few pictures that were taken of our space during the process.  Although the kitchen isn't complete just yet, its definitely looking like a kitchen again and is somewhat functional, yay!

Unfortunately though, I cannot find my before the demo pictures, super fail on my part.  But I'll definitely keep looking.  Because I wanted to show you guys how a part of this wall was cut in half basically which opens up the kitchen tremendously.

Electrical work got reworked and LED lighting got put in as well. By the way super stoked about finding these LED lights at Costco 2 pack for $25! Score!!!

Cabinets are from what Home Depot had in stock, we couldn't afford to have them custom made, but we're very happy with these, their look and low cost!

This is a shot of our Dining room / living room from the unfinished entry way steps.

Counter tops have been put in now and new sink including our old appliances that came with the house.  They're still functional therefore we did not want to spend money buying new ones just yet.

The refrigerator is one we've been hauling with us for a while now.  She's pretty beat up but hardly visible, so she stays too!

We finally have a pantry which the previous kitchen lacked.  Definitely a necessity. How they managed without one before, I don't know but so happy to have one in here now.

In the process of planning our kitchen we wanted to go with a more modern look, therefore IKEA cabinets were going to be an option but then thinking about it, as beautiful as they are, we also wanted to go with an affordable less hectic route.  Meaning not having to put those cabinets together ourselves like a puzzle.

Plus our visit to Home Depot and seeing what they already had in stock with their Cambria Harvest Hickory cabinets and Jewel Coral laminate counter tops, currently its what was in our budget and more of our taste.  

We love the look of a modern yet cozy kitchen with not so dark colors but not super light either, although I am a white cabinet fan, the husband isn't.  Compromise folks, compromise.  So the in between neutral look was what we agreed to do in the end.

Who knows we might change our minds a few years down the road or in our next home but right now, we're so happy with how its turned out, definitely better than what was there before regardless and although there isn't exactly a theme or specific look to our home at the moment, we love the look and feel of comfort and our home defines us in that way, who we are as a family, that is what we want our home to represent.

As you may remember we moved into our home back in June and nothing had been updated, therefore carpet city was all over the downstairs dining room and living room including the upstairs but that will need to wait.  For now, the downstairs carpet is completely gone and we replaced it with laminate wood flooring from Home Depot as well.

Its made all the difference in the downstairs overall look, definitely expands the look of our townhome and gives the space such a clean updated look.  In the entry way we kept the original wood floor that was already there, because we're not quite ready to part with it yet.  

Luckily with the new flooring there isn't much of a difference in color, we managed to get as close to it as we could with the Farmstead Hickory 

Well that is all for now, but I'll be back soon to show you more of the final look.

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