November 19, 2015

Holiday Family Photos {Twenty Fifteen}

Hi guys!  Glad you're back!  Today I'm sharing a little sneak peak and some of my personal favorite of our Family holiday pics from this year.... 

I can't say that we take family photos every year because we haven't lately.  Although we're definitely going to start investing into it because its worth it no doubt, these pictures are priceless.  

Our dear friend, Amanda from Amanda Rachelle Photography captured amazing family moments at our Wedding back in 2011 and has taken photos of our family since 2009.  She has also in the last few years captured photos of my daughter for her sweet 16 and taken plenty pictures of both my kids for head shots or other.  She's fabulous and always captures our family to the T, because believe me, we're not at all in sync when it comes to family photos and I'm definitely not at all photogenic in all honesty... but I can't say the same for the rest of the clan, because they all look so great and cute in my opinion!  Including our sweet Shih Tzu Rosa =)

The location where we took these photos, if you live in Southern California, Orange County, then you might be familiar, but when we found this trail last Spring on one of our hike/walks, we couldn't help but consider it for these photos taken this Fall.... the leaves and trees were like out of a movie and couldn't have been more perfect for the ambiance we were seeking.

We couldn't be happier with how they all turned out and a huge thank you to Amanda for taking such beautiful and flawless photos of my dear family!

Happy Holidays!  

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