Half Bath Budget Makeover | Before Pictures

I'm so excited to finally get started on this project, its been a long time coming. I've been contemplating on paint color and decor for our downstairs tiny half bath. Not that I'm 100% sure just yet on everything going in but at least I've decided on colors and the simplicity of the look that I want it to have.

This tiny bathroom sits underneath our staircase therefore the ceiling is arched. Not that that causes any problems just limits how much we can actually place in there. But that's okay, because I love that as small as it is, it still feels very spacious and I want to give it a clean simple look so that it still feels that way.

This is currently what it looks like now.... 

Me, of course, attempting to get a good picture of the lighting for you guys, total fail!

As you can see its very yellowish. Lighting doesn't help either. Unfortunately its as good as it gets from here. 

Light fixture is possibly being updated, wall color, and holes to be filled. Not too sure how far we'll get with this space just yet on a very low to none budget.

Can't promise the end result will be extravagantly put together but it will be a lot better than this, I promise.

The outside of the small bath is a lot better looking, but all in all its a good size bath considering its underneath the staircase, just needs a little love and few cosmetic updates.

Very much looking forward to changes in here! 

For updated changes click HERE and HERE.

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