September 27, 2016

Fall Home Tour 2016: A Fall Mantel & Repurposed Ladder

I guess Fall is still indecisive about coming or going, well in the meantime we'll continue to hope it makes up its mind soon enough.

For quite some time I had been looking on Craigslist, for a wooden rustic ladder, but  little did I realize there was one right in front of me practically staring right back at me in my sister's garage. 

When she moved, she had no problem handing it right over.  I guess some workers that had once upon a time been there had left it behind.
Lucky for me, I guess. ;) 

I've noticed a lot of times these wooden rustic ladders in the background of a lot in the homes of Instagramers and Bloggers I follow... and they make them look so cozy and beautiful in every way possible.  Then once I started browsing Pinterest, it was all over, I wanted one for sure.

So I got inspired and decided to take a risk in bringing one in and adding it to our living room.

I have yet to play and decorate it in different ways, but for the first time, here it is, making its debut.

The husband wasn't too sure why or what the purpose was and so just like me, he continues to learn.  As mind boggling as it may be, sometimes these things just work inside your home.

There's not a lot I feel that I can do with our fireplace mantel since its where our TV resides, and there are future plans for this particular space believe me but for now I try my best to make it as festive and pretty as I possibly can.

Hoping to continue to add more of Fall as the season is now among us, but for now these small touches have made all the difference and even if outside its not quite feeling like Fall yet in Southern California, inside our home its in full swing!

Don't forget to check out last week's Fall'ish Entryway!

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