Hair Care & Styling for Teen Boys

Am I allowed to consider myself a boy mom, even though I started out with a girl and I only have one boy? Well I'm happy to be both, I've learned and have enjoyed the different routines and experiences with having both.

But needless to say, being a boy mom has had its challenges good and well sometimes complicated ones. One of those challenges happens to be boy's and hair, honestly I thought boys had it easy when it came to their hair but I've learned otherwise. I don't think we pay much attention to it in their toddler years or even grade school, but once those double digits in years hit and going into their teens, boys hair calls for a whole lot more attention.

My son has never been too concerned about his hair until now, being in his teens, its literally all about the way he dresses, his shoes and hair styling, normally if there's absolutely no time to style his bedhead hair, then his go to is a baseball cap of some kind.  But since being introduced to SoCozy , he's actually happy with his easy to use hair products.

Now being in his teens, being in sports and not eating vegetables to his full potential, cause let's face it, that's literally the least of their concerns.  Its all about junk food. But its my duty to be concerned for him and to make sure that he's eating well and using all the safe products that won't be too harsh on his body, skin or hair.  

In the recent years I think that most of us as parents have come to realize that not all the products we use for our skin care or hair routines are exactly all safe.  Some contain pretty harsh ingredients.

I had started to notice that his hair was dry and I believe it had everything to do with some of the hair products we use aren't necessarily appropriate for his hair, so this was a necessary change for him.

He now uses the 3 in 1 wash in the shower and the detangler right after.

It leaves his hair soft and ready to style.

Below are the styling products he now uses, which he switches between both.  The mousse is easier to use on lazy days and the gel for days that he has a little bit of more time.

Although he still has a very simple routine and styling to his hair, he says it makes all the difference, from his usual bedhead or cap look.

So when I found out that SoCozy products are non-toxic and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol, gluten, wheat or nuts, it was pretty clear that their products are a must have not only in our family but its what I would recommend to my readers, my friends and any parent with health and care concerns like mine or parents of children with any type of allergies.  Best part about it is that these products are just as affordable as any and you can find them at any Target, CVS or Walgreen's.

You can read more about the brand and their long time dedication to exceed your expectations here.

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