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If you guys follow on Instagram you might already know what I'll be talking about in this post, but if you don't, earlier this week our son had to have an emergency surgery. 

In all honesty I did not know a thing about this type of health scare or how this could even happen until this week. Its funny how much we as parents don't know or are not informed of, honestly someone come up with a handbook already of all possible health risks and scares for children! It would be endless, I know, crazy right! 

A sudden pain that started late Sunday night, not really being too concerned, because considering he had been sitting most of the day playing video games and the fact that he's at that age when he's experiencing growing changes, we gave him some ibuprofen and off to bed he went. Of course me as a mother, first thing I wanted to do was take him to the ER but my husband and my son did not want to and did not seem that concerned and wanted to wait and see how he felt in the morning. What do I know, I'm just a girl, right.

Well apparently I know nothing, because he woke up with no pain and off to school he went.

Except I received the call around 11:30am that same day that he was in pain again and I needed to pick him up. Off we went straight to the ER from there. Which by the way doesn't necessarily mean they'll see you right away either, after check in, waiting, taking his vitals, the nurse and doctor looking and asking him questions, well a good 2 hours in, they finally decided to do an ultra sound.

Finally after the ultrasound, things started to move quickly, now the doctors realizing the urgency in the matter. They found that he had Testicular Torsion, in case you, just like me at the time didn't know what that is, you can read more about it here. But basically his left testicle was not getting any blood flow and it was because it was twisted. Such a rare occurrence but common in boys or young men prior to the age of 25, it can happen at anytime starting from the point of being in their mom's womb.

It was so sudden and as much as I was scared because it was just me, my husband still at work and my daughter had her own plans earlier that day, and in situations like this I usually tend to be calm and hide my emotions, and especially this moment I needed to keep it together for my son's sake. He was scared and emotional for both of us, plenty.

Same day surgery was required, by 530 that evening he was already in surgery, and thankfully my husband showed up just in the nick of time, which by the way surgery only took about an hour. It was fairly quickly which I can appreciate considering how nervous and anxious we were. The doctor had specified he was hopeful and would do his best to save his testicle but there was that possibility that it was not save-able.

After surgery the doctor did come out to advise that he was not able to save it but he was able to make sure that the same thing would not happen with his right side.

He had to spend the night at the hospital but we were able to go home the following day. Besides lots of rest for healing, he is to take it easy for the next week and a half, which is a blessing that their Spring break doesn't actually start until after Easter. 

He was able to attend his last day of school today and looking forward to a very mellow Spring break, kind of break!

As much as my son will probably hate me in the long run for a post like this, although believe me, he's handling it like a trooper and has been such a good and understanding sport about it, so truthfully I doubt he'll mind much. But I truly felt the need to really talk about this type of scare and situation that any #BoyMom is not aware of and that the possibility of this is 1 in 4,000. Sighhh.

Do your research and when your boys have their annual physicals with their pediatrician have them check and make sure all is good and normal.

Not that I failed to have my son's pediatrician do his physical thoroughly but its been a while and to be honest I can see how a doctor wouldn't normally check for this type of concern. Maybe they don't hear about it often because of the rarity of it, but it should be a normality and frequent for your son's sake. Especially if your son is in sports all things are a possibility.

With this said, I am so thankful for god watching over my son and having taken him the night of or the day after his pain started, it was inevitable that this would happen. But my advice is don't wait, I wish I would have listened to my mommy instincts and gone sooner and the Doctor reassured me the outcome probably wouldn't have been much different.

I'll be caring and smothering my boy for a little while longer for the next week or so, whether he likes it or not.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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