Yummy Coffee Cake Banana Bread!

You guys I'm not gonna lie, I probably could have come up with this recipe myself, I wish I would have actually, but I didn't. I have to give credit to Pinterest for stumbling across this yummy recipe and to Michelle from A Latte Food for creating it.

But thank goodness I found it, because not only was it seamlessly easy to make but one I'll be making much more often now whenever I have the ripe bananas to do so. I'll even let a few go ripe purposely.

If I ever find a recipe that gives me the option to bake and if I have all the ingredients to do so, I'm definitely baking. Its my favorite way to spend it in my kitchen. I prefer baking over cooking any day!

That coffee cake crumble topping was probably my favorite part. 

This combination of coffee cake and banana bread was genius, if Starbucks hasn't thought of it, they should get on it! I know its not everyone's cup of tea, you seriously have to love both.

My version of this bread probably does not do Michelle's recipe any justice, but it was delicious and my family was all over this yummy treat. 

We had some for breakfast and even as an after dinner dessert snack. Its basically good at any time of day. Warm or cold, its good! This recipe makes two loafs, so I had my husband even takes some to work. 

Head over to A Latte Food for the yummy recipe or you can find it on my pinterest page as well.

Don't worry I didn't forget the hot coffee to pair it with!!!

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