A Must Have 'Sweet & Zesty' Summer Shandy

I'm back with yet another yummy Summer drink recipe. I'm even more excited about this one. My last skinny drink recipe was delicious too but nothing says Summer like beer and lemonade! Am I right? Lol

Okay, so let me share exactly how to whip up this easy to make Summer Shandy! 

By the way this is not a sponsored post, all content and ingredients are my own recommendations and personal favorites, I'm just happy to share a yummy cocktail recipe with you today!

So go and grab your favorite beer mugs or glasses because you'll want to make one of these as you read this post Lol. 

heeyyy those mugs or glasses don't even need to be fancy because this drink would look fancy and delicious in any mug or glass to tell you the truth.

Ingredients you'll need; 

honey (any)

margarita salt

Tajin seasoning

beer of choice (light / pale ale / pilsner)

lemonade (homemade or store bought)

lemon to garnish (optional)


You want to dip the rim of your mug or glass in some sweet honey, whatever kind you have on hand. Mix some margarita salt and tajin chili, then dip your honey rimmed mug or glass in the salt mixture.

Once that goodness is combined, all you have to do is pour your beer 3/4 of the way of your mug or glass and top off the remainder with your lemonade.

That's it.

This thirst quenching summer shandy was inspired by close friends of ours. 

We spent this year's fourth of july weekend at their beach cottage along with them and they introduced us to it. Needless to say, not all the ingredients are exactly the same but they were sweet enough and happy to share their recipe with us and we are happy to share it with you.

No doubts this shandy will be on repeat for us this summer and maybe even plenty after.

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