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Our pups are life around here.  I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram & Facebook then you know we spoil our pups every chance we get; from the moment we wake up.  They're basically the little ones around the house now.

I'm not always sharing about them because then that would literally cover my day and fill up my social media believe me, that's how loved these two are.

I could go back and give you a whole back story about these two love bugs, although if you follow me you kinda already know their background, sorta, I guess. But here it is in a nutshell for ya, Rosa, our oldest Shih Tzu, has been with us for almost 12 years now and Solo, the youngest just barely a year this August.  In such a short time they're already inseparable, they love each other like crazy and miss each other when one of them is gone, they even run and look for each other every morning after sleeping in separate rooms.

Except Rosa has gone blind in both eyes this last year, her cataracts has worsen therefore walking her is a challenge.  We still like to do so anyway just to keep her active with careful guidance of course but when it comes to longer trips besides just a walk around the neighborhood, we needed another source.  We love to hike and hiking with a blind dog didn't make sense so when given the opportunity to try out this bag pack to travel with one or both dogs whether on a hike or any kind of outdoor trip, I couldn't pass it up.

Bet you didn't know that September 5th happens to be National Camp With Your Dog Day??  Well there's a national holiday for anything these days, therefore a few tips for playing with your dogs or pets outdoors felt necessary in collaboration with pet backpacks from Pet Magasin.  

You could never be overly prepared when out with your baby or little ones, and its almost just the same with your pets, believe me.  And even though its late in the Summer we especially like to take these little ones out when the weather gets cooler.

In collaboration to us giving Lambo pet backpack a try which is specifically for small pets, all opinions and tips are all of my own.

Let me start by saying I'm super happy with how lightweight this pet backpack feels due to all the support even with the pups in the bag, its very easy to wear and travel with.  I love that there are side compartments too that allow so much air to come through and breathing room so your pet won't become restless.

Including the front straps that give your back the relief necessary with the added weight.  Both our dogs could even easily fit in this one back if on a cooler day we were on a longer hike.

A few tips for when hiking or camping with your dog, if camping always make sure you follow camping ground rules, especially those related to pets. 

If there are other people there too you need to ensure that your dog is not being a nuisance in any way, either by barking incessantly or being aggressive towards other people and their pets.  You want to make sure you and your pet enjoy the hike and the camping experience as much as possible with little to no trouble.

For your dog’s safety and that of others, it is best to keep it on a leash when camping or hiking. But if your dog is well behaved and responds well to your calls and warnings, you can take the leash off. Of course, you’ll always have to keep an eye on them no matter what.

Discourage your dog from chasing wildlife and see to it that it always walks along the track when hiking. Many plants can cause severe skin irritation and you don’t want your dog to suffer from rashes. Moreover, dogs are prone to being infested with lice or ticks. Carry flea or tick repellents and medicines along with you.

Avoid routes that may be rough on your furry friend’s paws. Too much walking in a day can also damage the foot pads. You can buy pairs of dog shoes for your dog to keep its pads from peeling or getting sore.

If your dog has a long or fluffy coat, consider trimming it before the trip. Your dog’s coat will be more manageable and your dog won’t feel too hot either.

Hopefully these are helpful tips that you can all take with you when playing outdoors with your pets or pups like we do as often.

Don't forget to keep your pet hydrated, carry portable "thirsty" bowls and if its too hot for you then its probably ten times hotter for them, so keep the outdoor playtime to a minimum.

For more info on these pet backpacks visit or visit Amazon to purchase one for yourself, they're currently on sale 80% off!!!

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